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Announcement of deactivation of the TenX service & future plans

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Ok so where is the plan of not relying on just one card issuer that u guys kept telling us after ur card got suspended last time?

“ In the coming months, we will be releasing more information about what you can expect”
This is the news that u want to share with us after the fundamental changes in TenX?

What is the difference between the answer u guys always give us in 2018 and now?
“Just wait and coming soon” LMAO

We are not only working on another card provider but are also internally improving our backend etc. Concerning our new partner, more information will follow. But we didn’t start working with this partner when the problems with Wirecard started



What will happen to the metal cards?

Will it be replaced with new metal cards?

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Hey @kenzaka
Possibly this or other special advantages concerning our new products, we have not yet decided. But you can be sure that we will not forget your special contribution and that you will receive a similar or another advantage that will be satisfying.


Long story short : it’s still disappointing

Never received any metal card.

It was only possible in APAC

I see. Is there any rough date for EU in the future?

  1. what happens with the TenX token?
    I exchange my pay into Tenx and sell the now worthless pay tokens and now this?
    Can I forget my TenX tokens now and the investment is totally lost?

I find it difficult to build up any kind of trust.

  1. is a new card even planned?
    There is no mention of this in the blog post.

@asongoficeandfire Unfortunately not at the moment

1 .“And, every sunset brings the gift of a new dawn. We are excited to share that we have been building a new platform even more aligned with our mission—a platform that will change the way we earn, spend, and keep our money. The TENX and PAY Tokens will play an important role in this ecosystem.”
2. There will be a new card, but the “banking features” will be the ones which come a little bit later, we have something else before.


Thomas, is SEPA still on your roadmap?

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Yes! :slight_smile:


What about rewards? Do you forget to announce it?

I just want to give it a try
Can we expect getting a little more info of the new product this month?

I thought I had read that wirecard uk was successfully acquired? Why doesn’t the transfer to the potential buyer in the EU work as seamlessly here as it does with MCO?

However, it will hopefully continue and at some point without the dependence on partners or even without the classic payment system!

They didn’t forget rewards. Look at https://blog.tenx.tech

When can we expect the first news for the New Produkt? Im glad that you guys are still supporting the tokens. Like always lets wait and See how it goes. I hope one this time positive.


Any new product information etc?