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Now it is official

It is now out to the public that TenX → Mimo
That will be shared on the TenX platforms in a few days so that the TenX community can join us, and also that we will give you the option to be part of Mimo through the PAY and TENX Token. More information will follow very soon!


Finally good news. :grin:. Finger :crossed_fingers:. Oh PLZ let it be good.:raised_hands:


Iam scared that i need to collect my rewards from the TenX-Token … this will be more of fees then worth of pay xD

If you’re not in much of a hurry to do that submit the tx using 100 Gwei gas price and wait, it’ll cost around $15.

Lets hope that this “option” will be fair for Pay holders.


So how does this work out for existing PAY and TENX token holders? Will there be a fair exchange or swap to PAR tokens? When do we know?

Looks like I misunderstood the PAR token, it seems this is the Stable Coin. So, how can existing PAY and TENX token holders participate in the Value chain of this MIMO ecosystem? I can proof that I was part of the TENX ICO, so basically was part of the funding of TENX, and those funds are now used for this new Project. It would be more than fair if we can get access to the profits and value streams of Mimo. Please reply


They will probably allow you to use TENX and PAY tokens as collateral to earn interest, or PAR tokens.

it’s really official, tenx lost their e-payment licence in liechtenstein 5 days ago. (FMA - Notice: Lapse of a licence)

i wonder why the tenx.tech site don’t get updated?

  • they still say they have an e-money licence from liechtenstein
  • they still say cards are issued by wirecard
  • they still let you download the non-functional app

seems to me like this isn’t a company, it’s a kindergarten.

I dont like the exchange idea. I would Prefer a airdrop for us and the token still has it valuation in the Future. That would be a step in the right Direktion for me👌. Like it is mentioned in the whitepaper in the past.
But lets See :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

You should look instead at the MIMO token. You can check out the details at the end of the whitepaper https://mimo.capital/assets/pdf/Mimo%20-%20White%20Paper.pdf

Maybe you should read what they wrote:

“to written renunciation pursuant”

means that TenX abandon it and not Lichtenstein.

The information about the license should already be updated.
When it comes to Wirecard nobody really cares and we will probably update the website in a few days or weeks to make only the blog available

Hi @Tenebrae is Mimo the new direction for TenX? Will the company be winding down the “TenX” brand and transition to Mimo? Or does it plan to offer a new and improved platform under “TenX” as well in the future?

I’m basically trying to figure out if Mimo is a separate side project brought to us by the TenX team (similar to Comit) or if it is replacing TenX as the new MAIN direction for the company moving forward.


Yes, Mimo only pretty much.

Mimo is the main project, in the future there will be also a mobile wallet and if we do cards or not is not clear for now and not a priority

Bye bye forum? :wave:

After some time yes, for now it will stay open as a “safe space” for the TenX community


Wann können wir mit Details zur Integration der Pay und TenX-Token rechnen?


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Please keep it in English here or create a topic in German.

We will address it probably next week

Will we be happy @Tenebrae ? :pray:
I’m a little afraid of receiving a consolation prize …
You understand what I mean ?

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