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News next week?

Well, at least ‘some’ news should come. Q4 rewards I hope.
Only 1 ‘news item’ past quarter (increased limits), so let’s hope Q4 will be a bit better news wise.


Rewards are determined quarterly by the TenX Board of Directors, depending on financial performance such as revenue in the previous quarter and other relevant factors.

I think we dont get rewards and need to pay rewards this time…like negative interest rate xD

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We are going into Q4, 3 more months and we are celebrating our 3 year “Wavecrest” anniversary

3 Years guys, let it sink in for a moment…
And we are still hoping they give us anything in return.

3 years of running jokes “wen cards”…

And other Jokes but yeah that is a Popular one.

There we have at least something (300k PAY rewards for Q4)

Expected :slight_smile:

Its something around 3k USD per month for the TenX-Token holders (if you substract the tokens held by tenx)

You can say that for most of the holders its way to expensiv to withdraw these rewards (cause of the high eth fees)!

Any news???

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