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New Website

Our new website is out! https://tenx.tech/

Here and there are still things we have to fix but overall it should work smoothly. We will also add more pages, this is the first version.

What are your thoughts? :slightly_smiling_face:


Overall good layout, bit dull maybe, especially with the grey blocks, but it’s coherent so fine.

Couple of questions though:

  • I’m hoping there should be info about the tokens being worked on? If not, that should be top priority. (especially since the CMC page leads to this website so users will be confused if there’s no info on there)

  • SSA means you have to separate the funds you hold from customers accounts from your business funds. I’m wondering how that works given nobody has a FIAT account atm. Can you elaborate on that? For example, if in total there is 100BTC in the users accounts, that would mean you would need to have 900k USD in a separate account. Say BTC does a crazy ride up and is now 18k USD, you’d need to immediately fund the separate account with 900k USD? If you say you just keep the funds in crypto then it doesn’t make any sense, as no European bank can safeguard crypto atm.

  • A point adding to that same issue of not having FIAT wallets:
    "Your TenX Account and the Available Balance of your TenX Account are not protected by the relevant deposit guarantee or investment indemnity schemes, either in Liechtenstein or in the jurisdiction of the Card Issuer. "
    So this means if you guys go bankrupt, you owe us nothing and we aren’t protected up to 100k EUR like any other bank in Europe. If you would have IBAN account that could be protected, that’d be nice.

  • Participation in hackathons and startup challenges aren’t really ‘support from the industry’ imo.


Thanks Sam, appreciate it.

Tokens: Our homepage will be very focused on our products and a bit on the company itself. Besides, the target group is more crypto curious and not the crypto experts. Nobody new would understand how our tokens work, how they were created etc.
This does not mean that no information will be added to it. Most of the information about the tokens will continue to be published on the blog, and then on our socials. I understand that you want a roadmap, but at the moment we cannot say anything specific. Our goal is to incorporate the PAY token into our products often, sometimes it will make sense, sometimes it won’t. As soon as the PAY token, and possibly the TENX token, is more relevant in our products, we will also change the communication in this respect.
There are also regulatory things we have to consider, even on homepages of other companies that are similar to us you might see their tokens mentioned here and there, but it should be noticeable that it is very limited.

Regarding point 2 and 3 I have to do my own research with the respective departments, but good questions.

Hackathons: I would agree with you if we really just participated, but TenX (then Onebit) either won the hackathon or was among the winners. So we were then supported with money and advice. In my opinion, that’s fine to say.

I can not find roadmap or milestones!
Perhaps sometime in the app.
But look good.

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We are not done with the website and roadmap/milestones will follow :slightly_smiling_face:


Btw, why is there no mention of the team anymore?

On the one hand there were personal attacks which we want to avoid, that is the most important reason, it actually happend several times.
On the other hand, we do not want to make poaching attempts as easy.
In the future we will only list our leadership team, I don’t know exactly when this will happen on the website. What will follow next is our learning page.

You do realise both these ‘issues’ are also applicable to Linkedin right. But yeah at least people there can choose not to list it.

Yeah, the biggest reason are the attacks and this prevent this heavily. With many competitors you see the same procedure that only the leadership team is listed for these reasons

Attacks? I am shocked! I can not understand the reason, I has thinking tenx have fan groups or is a big reference in crypto community.

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In the mobile version I can not read the whole website just to scroll down I must click several thimes. For new user the choice for switch or get in tenx is the fees you must have a look to find this or the limits about ATM withdraw or spend limit, also where you can buy (exchanges) pay or tenx token you must search. No Roadmap. Support is also a big userlike to find out phonenumber. User want to compare tenx must show his avantage, like security, fees no manualy swap, limits and supporten coins…

A nice post, thanks for sharing.