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When the community will here, something about the new CEO? Can we do AMA what is different? What we can aspect? I love roadmap, perhaps he can show us! You can switch some expirimence from your old company to tenx?

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Much more information will follow as soon as some of our new/changed products are out or in public test phase. Until then we have to be patient.

You can not say what the new product will be? Send crypto by sms?

Thomas please some answers including time ranges. 1month, 2 or 3?
This would be enough!

I think 3- 4 month

We are probably ready with some stuff in 2 months, but the timeline is vague at this point.

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Guys, just be patient. Smth big is coming from TenX!

Do you change the color of the logo ? :wink:

@Tenebrae can you confirm us you will not give up the TenX Token ?

They donated some to employees i the last months so i dont think so

Since when is donating a good sign?

To the new CEO what is in Q4?
Can you do Statement?