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Motivation to spend

I did spend 30k USD in 2017 using tenx card. I could easily transfer coins to my local exchange and move fiat to bank and use bank’s card. I would pay 75% less fees i was easy to do for me.

Why I choosed to use tenx card? Because i knew my spending will fuel rewards, i wanted whole community to benefit from my spending.

Why i will not spend anything or almost nothing using ten cards - rewards are not paid to community from my spendings.
Arbitrary decisions, lies, no transparency.

It is irrelevant if they pay 0 usd or 1m usd for rewards. It is not 0.5 of volume.
Tenx was only about 0.5 of volume. I dont know what is the current company pretending to be Tenx, it is not Tenx.

It is absolutely irrelevant what is the amount of pay in rewards, or what is the value of rewards. You lost your honor. It would be 1000 times better to say tenx earned only 10k usd so we pay 5usd worth of pay. It would be truth. Community would stay behind you. You choosed path of lies you killed the crypto spirit that was your friend.
Cryptocurrencies is about truth - tenx now represents a lie.
Ultimate enemy of cryptocurrencies and all people trying to make a better world. World not fuelled by money and lies. World where greedy companies dont hurt weeker.
Tenx became the very opposition of what it was pretending to be or trying to be at the begginning.

Rotten to the core pit if snaked.

card usage was creating income for community it was making me want to spend more using tenx card in 2017-2018.

Reward issue is not just about rewards, but removed idea that i am helping others to earn. Removed the feeling that i am helping cryptocommunity. Killed the feeling i am part of the revolution.

I was trying to spend as much as possible using tenx card, i don’t feel that my spending now would “make world a better place”, on the contrary, it helps dishonest company not us the users, the crypto enthusiast. I dont care what happens to tenx, nor tokens. Just sharing my observation that rewards are not just about rewards and benefiting some tokens, but it was creating idea that i can be part of the change in global economy.

Now it is irrelevant what i do. Tenx earned 75 usd thanx to me. 18 usd should go to community, but it didn’t. Tenx kept whole 75 usd.

Maybe nobody cares, but maybe there are similar ppl as me. Each such person is 75 usd less earnning per quarter for tenx.

My idea is that tenx thinks it grabbed the 18 usd, but long term they lost 400% more - each quarter.

In 2017 tenx said it had 100k users, 10% might think in similar way.
10k ppl like me, makes 3m usd less profit for tenx each year.
Considering the reputation damage tenx did to itself, the % might be much higher than 10%.

Actions brings consequences. Pity they didn’t consider advices done by revos.

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There is currently no reason to use the TenX card. Better to just help businesses set up wallets and accept crypto instead of converting it to fiat before the transaction.

Personally I use my TenX Card as a travel card because no matter which country I go, I’m spending in BTC or ETH and not having to think about what local currency I need to change to and exchange rates. It’s always the BTC or ETH I’m spending on the TenX service.

Yes there’s volatility in fluctuations with crypto price but I segment and set aside crypto for “spending” versus my long time hodl holdings. For example I set aside some BTC/ETH on my TenX Wallet in Jan and only started using it for spending when the bull run happened, therefore giving me the ability to spend my gains.

I think everyone will have their own way of using their TenX Card and spending their crypto, just sharing my own.

Revolut is much better, virtual cards, lower spread, ability to block card basing on gps, blocking online transactions or magnetic payment.
Sell crypto on exchange, move funds to revolut. Much cheaper.
Spread 0.4%, exchange fee for selling crypto on gdax 0,25%,
bank transfer fee to move funds to local bank 0.0%
bank transfer fee to move funds to revolut 0.0%
Total cost 0.65% (paying in Egypt in egyptian pounds using EUR from selling btc on coinbase pro)
Tenx cost 2.25%.

Btw if you visit trully adopted merchants like :https://www.paralelnipolis.cz/koncepty/bitcoin-coffee-en/
You can’t pay with tenx card there, VISA doesn’t work there :slight_smile: only cryptocurrencies are accepted.
You can pay with LN BTC, but tenx app doesn’t support LN for BTC. Anyway tenx can’t read their QR code. Had to use bluewallet to pay with satoshis.

Paying with LN in really smooth.

Yeh tenx use only valid QR codes with blochchain name… who cares, if i can’t use wallet.

Must be great to have a TenX card… I travel around the world and I can’t even get a TenX card! Maybe if I had one for the $15 I gave TenX (and I won’t admit how much pay I bought) I would have less reasons to be so upset with TenX.

Seriously. Talking about how you use the centralized card that you won’t even ship to me. Your a centralized company. You can just message me, get my info, send me a card.

Why hasn’t TenX integrated lighting??