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MiMO Capital | So excited for this project | DeFi

they are still in pre beta phase … I don’t think amazon/Netflix/Uber grew in a few days. Growing business takes time. If you’re able to make millions in a few days, i’d be happy to invest in you.

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Don’t come here and spread your dirty FUD… we have heard enough of you and your “inside information” is clearly just lies.

There is a community now of MIMO users you see. I’m glad you wrote this because now it’s clear for me that you’re just lied all the time.

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why are you talking for the whole community? ("…we have heard enough…")
come on, can you bring at least some arguments why you think he is just spreading FUD?

did you look up the PAR token at etherscan?
did you watch the “AMA”?

uuuu, they put money in their own product. bad bad bad!!!
I am wondering where this energy comes from in writing us letters how bad everything is.

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haha, if I am parted from my money only time will tell.
I am absolutley realistic that this could be the case. (No, I haven’t put my life safings into this. I am not completley ret…)
I am just wondering why you try to “save” me.

As you said. It has reached the bottom. there is nothing to lose.

has anyone in here tried mimo?

why are there only 8 holders of PAR?

Because all par tokens are in the mimo contract?
I’m just guessing here.

if i put ETH (or any other supported collateral) in the vault it automatically creates PAR.
so, when more ETH is getting “vaulted” the total amount of PAR should rise.
when vaults are closed, the total amount of PAR should fall.
is this true?

That’s correct

As an early (big) investor in Tenx, can I get an update how PAY and TENX tokens are going to be used in the new Project. Obviously I like to see my early investment get turned into value in this new Project. It will be more than fair if this is part if the short-term strategy of Tenx. It will bring back confidence as well.


We haven’t got a clear statement in recent years … What do you expect now?
Do you think that the attitude towards Tenx owners has changed? No…
"soon, we are working on it, be patient, bla, bla, bla… " Sorry guys, i am very disappointed with the way TenX deals with ico investors…

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Hey Robert ,

I would even love that he is wrong but in my opinion he was exactly right until now? Can you show the wrong points?

I find this sector very similar to the biotech industry … They can’t announce everything publicly or else someone else can copy … Drugs takes years to make similar to technology. All I have to say is that everyone should have more patience. If you were looking to make quick money, you should’ve just went to the casino. The price of the pay token is an opportunity to average down your initial investment.

…did you read my post? i said -ico investors-. do you know when the TenX ico did happen? how many years all these people are waiting… to many TEnX people came up all the years and told us about PATIENCE… Are you one of these ico investors who gave their money? I do not think so… so better do not tell us about PATIENCE. The same applies to TCRobert. Do not blame the people for what they are criticising… show us the results what TEnX has reached with 80 Mio in the last years… jsut name a few results…


Yes I’ve been an investor since day 1 & I averaged down lately. As long as they have you don’t need to worry. Patience is key

how long, in your opinion, should we have patience?
when do you expect positive results for ico participants?

give us some info on your views & timeline, otherwise it’s difficult to take you serious.
there were dozens of posts like yours in the past, and every single one fell silent after a few weeks/months.


They just started Mimo … So I would wait at least a few quarters.We should see concrete results by the end of the year.

you said you were buying PAY/TENX tokens lately.

where did you buy them and why?
do you have a clue on how they will be integrated into mimo?
what can we expect?

Pay from bittrex , tenX from Forkdelta… Bought them to average down (that’s what you have to do if you’re down more than 50%)
Honestly I trust them… with more than 45M$ in the bank, they can turn around the ship without any problem.