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MiMO Capital | So excited for this project | DeFi

I Hope people will start seeing the value that this will bring to the company … DeFi is the future.
Also I just want to understand one thing… How come the total value (Market Cap) of the Pay Token & TenX token together doesn’t match whatever the company has in the bank which is around 45M$.
Link of the treasury :
Contract Address 0x185f19B43d818E10a31BE68f445ef8EDCB8AFB83 | Etherscan

I’ve been an investor since day one and I’ve average down lately… Still a believer & good luck to all.
TenX to the moon :rocket::rocket:

I also heard, TenX will start issuing back cards after they’re done with this project… Cards will be linked with the MiMO wallet… Can anyone confirm this? thank you.


does anyone know how the distribution of the GOV token will work?

will PAR & GOV be tradeable on exchanges?
does tenx/mimo own GOV tokens? if so, how much?

No idea … Only thing I know is I’m going to buy more Pay & TenX tokens if they crash.

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you remind me of me in 2017 when I was also so excited about this project and more. One thing I can give you on the way, don’t invest in a project until they deliver results.

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I have to agree with you, but only if you’re looking for a safe investment… I’ve made so much money investing in startups in the past.
Personally , I don’t think TenX is in a bad situation, especially with 45M$ in their bank. The whole sector is new and has so much potential. I’m here expecting a return of maybe 500%, which would equal to a market cap of 60M$ (don’t forget they have 45M$ in the bank).

My only suggestion to the company, is to start listing the PAY token on various exchanges (since it is not considered as a security token anymore) to make it more liquid and mostly to let people speculate on it.

Also from an investor point of view … these metrics suggest a strong buy

  1. Company owns more than 50% of all the tokens
  2. 75% are owned by large holders
  3. 93% of the investors are holdings the tokens for more than a year.
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I am one of these large holders. And I can only assure you that this is the worst investment in my life. I know that the money is lost, but it is in my interest to prevent others from making the same mistake. Look, the leadership of TenX pays their salaries very well with our investment money. But they still haven’t solved their fundamental problems. The first problem I see is that TenX does not work according to results but behaves like a big corporation. Everybody works their hours in a day, and nobody really cares how long it all takes. A start-up has to react much faster, and change course much more quickly when wrong decisions are made. With the method, which tenx has worked with so far, they can continue until all the money is used up. Maybe they will make a profit at some point, but it won’t be enough for everyone. You can guess for whom this profit will remain in the end.


Well, initially they raised around 80M$ and still have 45M$ in their bank after 3-4 years. I’ve invested in many startups and one thing I can say is that burning 10-15M$/year is not bad, especially since everyone working in this field are paid around 60-80k$/year. With 45M$ , they can for sure turn the direction of the boat and head to success.

I just wanted to add that MiMo already locked 1,5M euro on the platform they were working on … (Source: Officiel Mimo facebook page) … the demand is high in this field…

where did you get these numbers from?


Tenx Treasury:

I know how much they were able to raise.
Lets pretend they kept a quarter of a million ether.
you know what I want to say?

they are now at +2.2Mio USD
pretty impresive!!!

Hi @Tenx.to.the.moon , this is interesting data. Where can I find this?

@JJ1000 Look at the Etherscan link. They currently hold over $40m+ in ETH.

guys, please be realistic. do you really think they show the world how much money they’ve got?

Hi, they are not showing how much money they have. What you see is what can be VERIFIED… We know they have at least that much.

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Uhhh , every public company has the obligation to publish financial statement .