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Millions of US dollars

I’d like to make something clear. Everything TenX has achieved to date, and all the salaries TenX employees receive, and thus feed their families, yes, and also the research team in Sydney that does research, and also the daughter company in Liechtenstein - all this has been financed by our money. Yes, we the community have given our hard-earned money to TenX to make it a successful company! TenX does not have to be crypto.com. This company has already overtaken TenX. TenX does not have to be crypto.com or wirex. It is enough if TenX has 200k customers who use their product regularly. But, I’m beginning to doubt whether this company could achieve this goal?
As it has been posted before, you really have to be a genius to downgrade your own great company. Do the CO founders see TenX as just a cash cow where you get the money for free? Or… I apologize, but I just don’t see any progress. Please correct me if I’m wrong. And I wish that I am wrong and that TenX does a good job!


They thing they lack is proper management. The company is run by people who have no experience running a company. At least not a company of this magnitude. Without the 80 mil they’d be bankrupt by now definitely.


So what do we need? EU expansion and PAY utility?

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I really wonder why people always have to complain the same topics about TenX every month.
As most of the people already noticed the dynamic is not high so it would be enough to review the forum every few months for some updates and start complain at TenXmas :smiley:

From my point of view this is not “discussing” as the same questions and complains recycle over and over again without any constructive conclusion to let some topics rest for a while.

I agree with samve that they would have been bankrupt now if they didn’t get this huge funding.
Hopefully this funding is enough to make them succeed. We obviously have no real impact on the operations therefore we should not complain too much as it is a waste of time.

Btw I still believe not even 1% from this forum participated in the ICO… only invest what you are able to lose :slight_smile:

if (pay_utility= false)
tokenprice = high

   if (tokenprice= low )
        holders = mad
   holders = happy

I started my own business last year. And in a whole new field. Had to learn everything from scratch, and that’s in parallel with a full-time job. But slowly, my efforts are starting to bear fruit.
But what I can’t understand is that people who have studied in their field and worked in their field for almost a decade, are not able to build a successful business here. And this with a sum of money that could be used to start 10 companies.
I don’t want to exaggerate, but look at the video of the blocktrainer on crypto.com. I think you understand German? It’s amazing what crypto.com is going to do. Crypto.com wants to mix with the big guys and I think they will replace Binance. Maybe I am exaggerating, but that is entrepreneurship for me. You give 110% for your business. You want it to be successful at all costs.


What I didn’t know until now is that all card perks of cdc are gone once you decide to move those staked coins away or sell them. Which means this card is only good as long people believe it. It is also clear that these spotify & netflix perks are just for short term and will vanish at a specific point. Means you have put multiple thousands of dollar LOCKED to get these cashback rates (which are actually less due spread).

I’ve watched this video and I can’t take this guy seriously.
It really looks like CDC paid for that kind of review (or he hopes to get enough users with that ref link) because 1 year ago he was more like “look at all these shitcoins, they have no right to exist as most of them are useless” while in that video he says “look at their coins, CRO is already rank 12 at cmc and pumped hard in the last time, they want to be come big”. He does not even mention how they minted the tokens (out of nowhere), instead he only talks about how legit CDC is and wants to become like Binance. For me this video is more advertising than a critic review as he never digged deeper in the holes that smell like shit.

I mean WTF! He calls it “low risk” locking your funds (like 5000$) for 6 months for this poo poo cashback. While in the next sentence he admits that these perks might be cancelled in the future. But don’t worry… he is sure “that CDC will add more features to CRO”. I basically have no words for this.

How to create the perfect scam coin:

  • mint 99999999999999999999999999999999999 token
    (keep 95% in your account, gift 5% to users)
  • pay coinmarketcap money to list it
  • Washtrade your own coins for 6 months on forkdelta
  • pump your coin to create attention & trust
  • pay exchanges with your shitcoin to make them list it
    • pump & dump your shitcoin as you wish

I suggest you read up on the topic a bit more. I staked 1300 eur worth of coins for 6 months, then sold them for 2500 eur. I now have a card (you know, in my hands) with 1.5 % cashback and free airport lounge access all around the globe. Sure, I don’t get Spotify or Netflix, but my 1200 eur gain can pay for that. Lost a lot of Netflix money on PAY though :wink:

Even without the lockup the card is more interesting than TenX to use every day. Spending crypto on the go is a gimmick anyway. Newbies will realize that as well. I’m mainly going to use my card with fiat, another thing that is not (yet) possible with TenX. Even if they do, I would probably have no reason to use it, as I can pay with fiat with my regular bank card. Which also has no cashback.

I plan to do a full circle comparison whenever I get my TenX card. Buy BTC=>convert to ETH=>spend in store to see how much is left of my money on both cases. Will be curious to see. Of course I need my tenx card for that, maybe next year somewhere? I’ll keep you posted.

I staked 1300 eur worth of coins for 6 months, then sold them for 2500 eur. I now have a card (you know, in my hands) with 1.5 % cashback and free airport lounge access all around the globe. Sure, I don’t get Spotify or Netflix, but my 1200 eur gain can pay for that. Lost a lot of Netflix money on PAY though

so what? you could have lost money too. Ok then you only lose half of your cashback when selling your stake (not to mention that this guy said you have no cashback left which was weird).
I refuse to believe that a company can be 100% compliant when minting 2 billion $ out of nowhere.

other question: How much % are you losing by converting btc into fiat?

yesterday you complained about us complaining, and now it seems you do the same, just not with tenx, but with CDC.

you shouldn’t focus on how many tokens they minted.
“out of nothing” - as you say. the same you can say about any other token. where did PAY&TENX come from? who said 1ETH is worth 420PAY, and why?

what matters is what you can do with them. and how many people are using them.

and there CDC is clearly way ahead. they push hard and offer a lot.
maybe not everything is useful, and it cannot be offered forever, but does it matter?

things change. (i think thats a phrase you used some time ago)
and by now progress with tenx means darkmode and 2 countries EU-rollout, with CDC the list is a lot longer. they push on every front, partner with ledger, offer staking/lending/trading and try to push paying with crypto (on business & customer side).


That’s all true (for now). Question is what the future will bring.

Politicians want to regulate this market? Look at what’s happening in APAC. TenX is safe(ish). MCO is not (yet).


That’s what I was going to compare when I get my TenX card.


Just for fun, i bought 0.0003 btc and sold it back into fiat. Lost 0.6%. If I use my card I have 1.5% cashback so I have ~0.9% cashback. With Tenx you (used to) lose ~2.3% every card transaction. So there’s at least a 3% difference. Not counting in the 4% you pay to buy BTC from tenx as they have no free way yet to do this. CDC has free SEPA. So yeah, it’s better in every way.


would be really great if you could do that review & test both products when you have both. In which country are you based?

Belgium, so not going to be soon I guess…

well there is a big difference in splitting the value of an ICO token into 2 different token and having an (unchanged ) ICO token + minted token where the price has been manipulated to give it value. Minting those coins was legit but everything that gave them a price also came from CDC which is like printing your own money.

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what’s the big difference?
basically every market is somehow “manipulated”, as you say.

so, if you compare the markets between tenx tokens & cdc tokens, what’s better for the user?

24h volume: (coinmarketcap)
PAY - $2.889.930 USD ROI: (-95,64%)
MCO - $22.199.829 USD (+130,60%)
CRO - $55.744.934 USD (+452,21%)

crypto.com has a prduct full of functions nobody needs and very huge marketing+hype. While TenX provides simply the feeling of spending crypto. Nothing more - very simple.


nobody needs? debatable…

what they have is pace and a user base.

How much dollars did MCO “generate” with the CRO coins?

How much dollars did TenX ‘generate’ with the ICO? at ATH prices?
CRO is just a soft ICO more or less.