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Just cherry picking what to keep in forum?

I feel like TenX is cherry picking what posts and discussions to keep visible in the forum - take this very important discussion with the community for example: An open letter to TenX by the revos and AMA with our CEO and Co-Founder Toby Hoenisch

It has simply been archived and hidden. What are the criteria by which TenX keeps a forum post visible or not? The Forum was to keep a shared memory, which the chat did poorly, so I am really not happy to see that TenX is cherry picking some and “censoring” other. Writing history books must include both the stories of success, conflicts and failures.

Archived and unlisted


inb4 “this has no relevance to the new people we’re trying to attract”

Well i have to agree that archiving and unlisting was too much, my bad.
But yes samve, that was my reasoning.
They are now relisted and unarchived. I let the one thread closed and close the other one too tho. I think that is much more reasonable. Thanks @Endurance . The forum is also new to me in many functions and how i should manage it and i didn’t think enough about it in this case from your perspective.

Or in ELi5:

“Fuck, they got me”

Sorry for not being a robot and making mistakes :face_with_raised_eyebrow: