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Is the profit from MIMO counted as earning for TenX company?

The PAY token reward is based on TenX profit rate
So I want to know if the profit from MIMO affects the reward rate for the TENX token holders.

no it does not!

I need clarification on this please @Tenebrae

If it is not counted as TenX profit, please let us know why

Why it should not?i say… of course

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@Tenebrae is so active in MIMO telegram group and ignore us here

Not allow us to ask in the group about TenX and ignore us totally on this forum


they still don’t know themselves how they are going to give value to PAY. Actually, the issue of giving the token a value is beside the point for them. They already have their millions and don’t need to hurry. And if they fail, which is still very likely, they can say we " have tried". And if they were serious, they would not hide under silence.
why am I writing so negatively about TenX? At the moment we are all in a state of euphoria and waiting for the news that is supposed to come from TenX at the end of the month. Do you know what that news would say? Nothing, absolutely nothing. At the end they would say that they need more time to further develop their product.
Guys, let’s team up. Let’s work together. That’s the only way we can stand up to TenX.

I have been here since day 1
I have questioned them so many times but never get answered every single time (if SOON is considered an answer then I am sorry)
What else can I do?

I still don’t know why they can’t include PAY/TENX tokens in their new project at the first place and we will never know

And Thomas keeps telling us if they don’t care about us they would just close this forum but seriously I couldn’t feel any difference even this forum is still online

I remember Thomas said that there will be couple of info coming in the end of month
Let’s see what we are going to be informed first

The first thing will be that this forum will be closed…

this video breaks all frames. It’s true what Thomas said about Julian. This man only thinks about himself. I couldn’t watch the video, but the title alone says it all: over 100 million euros in fortune at 35.

don’t understand. I am not a fan but he has made his way and his money. Nothing is wrong about that. He is an investment influencer guy so this makes him even more authentic by showing what he has done.
I am pretty sure that all the numbers from the Tenx participation are also true. Why lying in an online video? this would f*ck him immediately by lawyers.
so 3runexx, dont hate, get over it. as well as Thomas. He is not part of Tenx Business anymore and he did a lot of wise investment decisions.
We did not :smiley:
By the way I am also pretty sure that this forum will get closed very soon…

Our only hope should be: mimo success and then maybe once in a future use case… but if this use case won’t come this year everything will get worse in bear market…

Hi @Tenebrae , good to see Mimo airdrop is gaining traction and putting more eyeballs on the the platform.
Oct '20, a comment you made caught my attention: “The TENX and PAY Tokens will play an important role in this ecosystem.”

  1. Does the team still intend to integrate TENX and PAY into Mimo ecosystem?
  2. Will there be info on TENX and PAY integration, when Mimo announcements are made in a few weeks?

Time will Tell, I think they’re first creating a stable coins and when mimo is doing well. IMO they would integrate Tenx token & Pay token. I think Pay token would be needed to get high benefits with cards. Just like how crypto.com did. That’s how I think. So I am going to buy some Pay Tokens & Tenx Token would become like dividend reward token.

@Tenebrae i see u r online here
Just let us know whether the profit from MIMO will affect the PAY rewards or not

Just a Yes/No atm

As soon as there is more detailed information about the tokens we will communicate it.


@Tenebrae hi I wanted to ask if as someone new to MiMo (got here first through the MiMo project by friends on telegram) buying the TenX Token right now is giving me any advantages as early starter to MiMo? Or should I just focus on PAR and not bother with other tokens at this point? Thanks in advance!

We will heavily focus on the PAR token and the new government token that you can get with participating in the protocol (more information on that on a later point)
When the timing makes sense we will introduce use cases for the PAY and TENX token but that can take some time.


… we all know what this means “…that can take some time”…: SOOON…