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Is that possible?

I introduce 2 examples that are very popular and seem unreal. Maybe you know more about these projects or similar new ones that have also made a high ROI in 2020.
Example 1: Project Aave, Token Launch 2018, price in January 2020: about $0.02
Price today: about $0.50
ROI: 25x or 2500%.
Volume $132 million

Example 2: Project yearn.finance, Token Launch 2020, price in July 2020: about $739
Price today: about $21`000
ROI: 28x or 2800%
Volume $174 million

What can you say to this? These 2 projects were able to increase and maintain the value of their tokens incredibly. We don’t expect TenX to achieve this increase. What we want is just the original issue price of the PAY - 80 cents or better $1.

Does anyone know of any more such new projects which have significantly increased the value of their tokens?

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Every shitcoin has done at least a 10x once in it’s lifetime. So has PAY. Doesn’t mean one is any more credible than the other. Look at hex for example. It’s pure air but still people buy it and make a profit…


hex has a volume of $700k. This coin is not only dead but it should be a warning when buying it.