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Is TenX in a coma?

Feels extreme bad at the moment … maybe we hear extreme bad news soon :roll_eyes:


Yes I never seen that … and we wait like idiots here …
@Tenebrae what is the date of the funeral ? Or a date for the end of the coma ?
Even Amon will launch his card with unionpay … And you … no news …

@Claude tu es en vacances ???


Nobody Of TenX for manage this forum … :coffin:

Don’t understand why anyone would trust it funds managed by such a company. Just take your funds out and look for a competitor if you are unlucky enough to even use the tenx card.

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I am still waiting on my card. Last update was EU expansion this year.

What kind of response do you expect from me on this title? :sweat_smile:
The last bigger update from us was the transparency report:

We are working on a lot of fundamental changes regarding the business and product, this will (yes again) take some time. We will inform you as soon as it becomes more concrete.


Maybe an idea to enlighten us with these business/product changes? You know, like a roadmap of sorts? Right now it seems like the project is dead pretty much, what have you achieved the past half year after DE/AU launch? Only negative speculations is all we hear, and they are never clarified, just swept under the rug. Some clarity and transparency (no not the report) would be nice for a change, instead of just saying “it’s all good, you’ll see some day”. Can you at least acknowledge that?

I know you’re just doing your job but you must agree the communication from the company has been very subpar the last half year. And it was already pretty bad. Remember this quote from Toby:

I know that we have not had the best communication plan around this and this is not acceptable given that you have all been avid supporters of our business. I am personally looking into steps to improve this and ensure that we stay true to what we promise moving forward.

So far, nothing has been changed, and it’s even worse than before. So far for “personally looking into it”…


It becomes pathetic this way of doing things. Not even a roadmap … If there is no roadmap, you are in a coma or even dead. Or you don’t want to or can’t give it to us. If so, say so!

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you guys are focusing, working and changing the business & product forever.
don’t get me wrong, normally thats totally fine, but you really should remember whose money it is you guys are burning.

why is it so difficult to show a simple roadmap? i seems you have 0 plan what to do?
why don’t you just make the offer and buy back your tokens (1ETH=420PAY420TENX)?
do you still think this is a good deal?


Woah, I think you totally misunderstood Toby Sam.
What he meant is he will personally look into it that the community will stop existing and with it, all the questions that is bugging him.


Maybe it’ll be better to close the forum, as there is little to no feedback on our questions anyway. Maybe you’ll be better off just focusing on the scam shouters on reddit/fb. I mean, just ignoring issues doesn’t mean they go away. People just lose interest over time, but they also lose their trust. So yeah just be straight with us and say you don’t want a whining community anymore and close the forum/subreddit etc.

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The TenX debit cards work perfectly. The app works perfectly. Great!


The first problem is their marketing can’t compete with crypto.com. You can work on this and even exchange employees if necessary. The good marketing ideas are missing here.

The 2nd problem is that TenX has “programmable money” as its motto, but you can’t see much of it yet, and there are many nice examples of how TenX (COMIT) could set itself apart from crypto.com & co:

  1. all ERC20 tokens should be included, also for exchange
  2. in some countries you have to hold tokens for 1 year before you can spend them tax free. Here TenX could suggest priorities, which tokens should be issued first.
  3. you could use your tokens to participate in stakings recurring on a certain date
  4. a simple “construction kit” for smart contracts could be integrated in the future in order to conclude contracts with your contacts.
  5. etc. etc.

All with an app that promises “programmable money”.

Opinions are welcome!


In this cutthroat society it’s not good enough if something just ‘works’, you need users. And for users there needs to be incentive. Which is very much lacking atm. Also, I doubt it ‘works’ for 80-90% of the world atm. Only the handful of live countries.


There is and will probably no statemend from the ex ceo claude for the telcoin community. That shared a Administrator from the Telegramm Group with me. What about us @Tenebrae? Is there somthing you can share?

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He did a statement in their Telegram channel as far as I know. It seemed to me that the internal communication of the telcoin team was not quite clean afterwards (the person who was responsible before for that had also left the team). Claude is available to them to make the transition as smooth as possible and this is what matters when someone in his position leaves a company in my opinion.

You will hear more from Claude when the things our teams are working on has progressed further.

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Useless wallet /App
I ordered my card 2 years ago, and till now I didn’t get it nor get any explanation from Tenx
To make things worse, my account was frozen without any nofication!!! if TenX wants to freeze my account because it needs verification then it should give me a choice of either closing my wallte and get back my funds or do the verification.

You can access your funds if you contact our support here: https://support.tenx.tech/hc/en-us/requests/new

So when do you expect your teams to have progressed enough? Before end of the year or in 2021?

Maybe they copy-past julian hosp’s Cake Project xD

@n.1 Yep, before end of the year.

@doskey Not interested in centralized Defi :sweat_smile: