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Ideas for development of Tenx

Buying tokens in app with fiat

Since tenx cards are prepaid, maybe we could actually prepay the card.
We could use this fiat on card to buy tokens. Each card has it’s own account number.
Since you can do moneyback on card at shop, for example when you ask for refund in shop for buying faulty product.

In app you could move those prepaid cash on card to wallet app, or just use cash directly from card’s account to buy tokens. It would be very good to be able to buy PAY tokens, and maybe BTC.

How it might work:
Rate could be somehow semifixed i mean like buy order from market - without ordersbook.
Like you see current rate:
Current PAY price is 0.31 SGD
Your card has fiat: 120SGD
You can buy: 387,09 PAY
How much PAY would you like to buy (option for amount of PAY, or amount of Fiat to be used).

Maybe exchange:

Sure you can add some way of exchanging PAY/BTC and BTC/PAY at some rate that would be awesome as well.

We could have whole orderbooks and trading and stoplosses etc that would be nice. But I think what is needed is some way to buy Tokens(BTC, PAY), without registering in other exchanges, doing some troublesome KYC, transferring cash there, buying tokens, paying fees to other exchanges, paying withdrawal fees to other exchanges, worrying about trust issues in other exchanges etc etc.

I would be very convenient to be able to buy PAY and BTC.


NFC in app

NFC in app should be added, i mean modern fintech company - why carry physical card with you if you could just use NFC with your phone.
It is great that new cards got NFC, but we should go further, and allow ppl to just use their phone without the need to carry card.


BTC Lightning Network

BTC LN wallet could be added to app. It should be custodial wallet with tenx handling all the channels activity, keeping channels to good market hubs, providing channels liquidity, moving btc from onchain to LN and back to onchain. Possibility to generate invoice in LN, and send qr or text over email, sms facebook, link (stored in tenx web services) etc.
We could pay some PAY for having the possibility to use LN.


More important is to be able to fund user’s card-spendable btc wallet using LN.

Getting option to pay someone with LN through tenx app would be less impotant but nice addition.


Hey guys,

you should absolutely integrate libra asap.
I will order your card in GER, when it is time to do.
But I won’t spend crypto.
Because I am investing. So gimme a chance to spend crypto by spending libra, stable and so I will use your card DAILY. really just daily. So you will have a 4 digits turnover on a monthly base with me.

Don’t you think, this might be interesting? We can totally boost the turnover, but common, this time be quick! no perfection just execution!