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How to claiming Tenx tokens if you had PAY tokens in Bittrex durring snapshot?

If user had his tokens on bittrex during snapshot, what are official guidelines about what is needed to prove it was this user’s tokens? Some signed message from Bittrex using their ETH address that did held those tokens, and info they wont claim them for themselves, and Bittrex moves their claiming right to this users… what should user do to claim those tokens… what is the step by step guide?

What should user ask for, from Bittrex?
What does we need to give to Tenx to get Tenx approval to issue Tenx tokens for this user.


Info from Tenx:
We at TenX are committed to assisting all PAY token holders with their claim of TENX Tokens. However, we seek your kind understanding that in order for our compliance team to verify the authenticity of submitted documentation as part of our policy, we would require an email which:

(a) is sent by an authorised representative of the relevant exchange either directly to us as the recipient at audit@tenx.tech, or with such email address being copied CC; and

(b) indicates clearly the amount of PAY Tokens that your exchange wallet held on 30 December 2018 at 10:00 PM (SGT).

The above-mentioned is unfortunately a strict requirement under our policy which applies to all token claims involving PAY Tokens held in exchange wallets.

As soon as we receive an email satisfying the above mentioned, we would be happy to process your token claim.

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They did send me the same Email with this Info.

Did you get the required Email from Bittrex ? To me they said i had to calculate it myself with csv files they send me about my activities. But that’s obviously not the type of Email we would need for the audit Team.

Very curious to hear what you experienced ! :slight_smile:

I claimed long time ago, just trying to help others giving some starting info

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