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How many customers does TenX have?

Do you also wonder how many customers TenX has, or how many new customers TenX gains each week?
If we take the following reports from other companies as a guideline, would it be possible to make some conclusions about TenX? For example, crypto.com announced that their app had already reached 1 million customers by end of 2019. If we assume that only 10% of these are active customers, then that’s over 100k customers. Wirex announced that they have 3 million active customers and that they will launch in the US this year, which would result even more customers. Krypto Bank Bitwala also reported a strong customer growth of 50k new customers and intends to increase the number of customers to 100k this year.
So, now to focus on TenX, what do you think? How big is the customer growth?

According to TenX its classified info, not to give their position away for competitors.
The funny part is, all the competitors don’t really care about TenX anymore.

Growing too fast also has a downside, CDC grew +1 million active users over the past 6 months.
The customer support department is cracking up a bit, and queues are stacking up. But HEY they are delivering and shipping in EU.

According to their last rewards. Maximum of 10k active users

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I do not car about other companies but I want see in the tenx app how many users they have, saying nothing it will not work long time, I want see growing live. Cryptocurrencies are still young and there are a lot of users they are not in yet, it is not game over now.