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How does the Bitcoin purchase limit works?

I’ve been wondering because I tried it last time and it was really convenient to buy although I’m not much fan of KYC, the fees were about acceptable in comparison if I would buy over on Bitstamp. But I find the limit a bit small for just 500 eur, does this limit get reset monthly or how does it work?

Also Swap or exchange Limits I can not understand. If I can buy BTC with Sepa in tenx app is would be great. Or why I can not buy ETH, LTC or PAY in the app? The Limits must be Show in the settings.

Hi @karozagorus! Yes the limit is a monthly limit which reset every month. As soon as we notice that someone doesn’t try to refund the money and the limit is exhausted we increase the limit to 2000 Euro.

My limit got up this month to 5000 EUR