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Houston we have a problem ?

do we?

Everything is fine :slight_smile:


image #repost

Seriously though, over a month ago we started these discussions about Yana leaving/(maybe) Toby stepping down, and haven’t gotten even a little bit of info on that except ‘everything is fine’ and ‘no worries’.

Given the topic has a whopping 127 replies opposed to the average 5-10 (still think the forum was a good switch?) I’d guess people are worrying at least a little.

Meanwhile, still no new EU countries added after almost half a year, social media is dead if you subtract all the ‘when card’ people, only updates we had since long are just minor app changes, …

Curious about the Q2 transparency report and the rewards for Q3.


This guy saying “Everything is fine” is sitting in germany and gets his information not face to face but via message or a phone call … so maybe it is not fine but someone said to Tenebrae “everything is fine” and he post it here…

Or maybe everything is really fine? :thinking:

What is on roadmap?

well we wouldn’t know either way would we :slight_smile: no progress to see at least

No Feedback suck also, just the last update annocement it is still not avalible to me I am just on 3.20.0
When in app update I must do my own research no changelog, communication
The big Update I can read on Google store. It is rare. But the Forum or Blog is disappointed for me.
Also no Roadmap or milestones tenx will show.
No Marketing I have seen for several weeks.
What is going on??
What are you doing??

@Hienckes I’m not always online on the weekend! :slight_smile:
We released the new version today, it should be available for you now.
We always write blog posts about the relevant updates here: https://tenx.tech/blog

The milestone page will follow soon.
And yes we are not doing much marketing currently (since mid-May), because we have to improve the onboarding of new users first.
In the meantime, we got verified by Twitter to do advertisement and we are doing our test&learn phase so we can push a lot more when the onboarding improved. Here an example of what we do on Twitter: https://twitter.com/tenxwallet/status/1270067613708607490

do you have any numbers about user aquisition?

because it looks like you offload people on social media. :expressionless:

@Tenebrae With little public information, it’s easy to slide into uncertainty :slight_smile:

I installed the update Android version 3.20.2. Nice feature to have an activity button!

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