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Gift card

On coinsbee.com I can see the pay token as payement option, but tenx do not communicate anything about this, what is going on?
You are working to integrat gift card your self in tenx app or why you do not communicate something?

If you offer products for € in a shop, does the EZB need to contact you to give you the permission?

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But tenx can show on his homepage or in forum, a link in the app. Without any communication is not the right way.

makes no sense that argument, sorry

Everybody want a utility for pay token, now you can buy a gift card with pay, but you must know where you can do. That is my argument.
Sorry but if you have a look at CDC they show gift card in her app, in my opinion it is nice to have for tenx too, but never mind!
Just my feedback, I can do or is it not allowed.