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General standard terms and conditions / AGB

Why can I not find in tenx app?
Must have for serios company!
In German it is called AGB.
Tenx must put in the settings or in the app!
Just my Feedback, do not care.

Just like this

Just for giving example or Feedback. No Reproach!

Why I can not find withepaper in tenx app, you want to be transparent, I hope so you can put into the app so I can download the pdt of withepaper!

Dude, take the time and browse the site!
Or just use Google!
10 second effort with Google:

Just show this in tenx app

I agree with @Iliyan that this is not needed to be accessible in the app all the time. It’s showed when you register with TenX and on the website. Even though having lots of stuff in the app can be an advantage, overfilling the app is not good either.

Can you discuss this in the whole tenx team, it is not overfilling the app, it is standard and must be showed in the app!

I will mention it for sure :slightly_smiling_face:
But generally speaking, it’s not really that is asked for from other people.