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Fix the high fees for buying bitcoin/eth


i was thinking about buying some eth with TenX … and i bought them with bitp…(censored by me ;-))!


I use the EXACT same thing in TenX (buying ETH with Visa) and i pay a fee of nearly 5% and at the other company’s site i pay 1,5 % …

The process of buying ETH is VERY GOOD at Tenx but also VERY GOOD at the competitor … so why i want to waste this 3% difference with TenX? … its the exact same thing i do … And cause it is the EXACT same thing i dont accept “we have to pay so much for visa fees”

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Since they have barely any other form of income, they need to put it on their main products. Other companies take losses on their main products to incentivise users to use their service, and make money on other diverse platforms. Since all you can do is buy and spend at TenX, that’s where the fees are.

Thanks for the feedback!
I agree with you, that the fees are too high.
Concerning credit/debit cards, the fee is comparable to other providers. I know that Bitpanda is cheaper at first sight, but as far as I know, you have additional fees when exchanging from fiat into crypto. This will get you the approximate 4%.
As far as SOFORT is concerned, we currently have this payment method through a third-party provider and therefore the fee is (much) higher than expected.
We are working on SEPA direct where the fee should be cheaper. The goal remains that you do not have to switch to other platforms :slight_smile:

is there any site where we can see how much the fees are for buying/exchanging crypto with tenx?
i can only find the fees for card/ATM etc.

the service mentioned above is pretty straight forward with infos:

(there is also another service for traders with way lower fees.)

so, if you want to buy crypto, cheapest easy way is with SEPA. --> 1.49%
the example buying crypto through VISA… --> 2.99%

btw, can you even buy ETH with the app?

it seems the region i’m in isn’t supported, the “buy”-button is greyed out.

@Tenebrae Whats up with Sepa?

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They are focusing on the restructuring of the company, maybe they will look into it in 3-4 months.