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Don’t forget us

We’ve been here from the start. We had invested a lot in TenX. I hope TenX or Mimo will not forget us in their success. New GOV and PAR tokens vs PAY and TENX. I don’t know what to think anymore.
I’m afraid TenX will get rid of us in favor of Mimo and the new GOV investors.


We won’t forget our old token holders, just give us some time to make Mimo big enough :grin:


The AMA seemed to be quite successfull today!

When & where?

satoshi club telegram group

if you dont forget Pay token, why you dont use as gov token?

There are many reasons. One not so important one would be that a lot of PAY are lost due to inactive people. One very big reason as an example would be that new tokens attracts new people. One other problem is that ICO tokens are not super easy to handle when it comes to the legal side. I think as long as we don’t sell new tokens etc. and the new tokens are just distributed to the people who are using the product it’s fair.

how do you know tokens are lost?

i haven’t moved mine for years, but they are definitely not lost.
i’m just waiting for a usecase.

i am really disappointed that you guys don’t even try to give them some value.


First of all, maybe some PAY are lost, as BTCs are lost etc (not important).
New tokens attract new people? no. Good project attract a lot of people and give value to their tokens/coins. you have already 2 token who have no use case. what the purpose of them? Do you need a new gov token for what?
If new project (mimo) has success (i wish), then new people who use it, have the oportunity to buy pay token under 1/10 in relationship ICO price. Its not fair against community who supporting Tenx for years, if you dont support Pay token and continue with no use case.

My opinion is you made a lot of mistakes and not learn from them. Some coins rised from the dust without create new tokens, just belived a new idea.


Let’s not forget that the PAY token did never had any use-case (no real value) and it hasn’t changed. The TENX token replaced the PAY and did the things we all want from the beginning. Pay belongs to the past IMO and if there is any token that should be integrated into the MIMO it’s the TENX token. TenX is still the company behind MIMO so that would make sense.

Have been here since the ICO and always believed in the people behind TenX so I really hope my whitelisted address and my TENX Tokens will come to use soon.

One thing is for sure and I think the Tenx team @Tenebrae know this very well. We are talking about thousands of people’s money that will “get lost” if they don’t include us in the new project. Lost money creates emotions, in this case, frustration and anger. All those frustrated and angry peoples could definitely hurt their new project. I’m pretty sure that they will come up with something good for us who has supported them over the years. Let’s just wait and see.


yeah maybe that’s what they are hoping for.
I believe they won’t integrate it. Why? Because they could easily tell us HOW it will be integrated when the new project has grown up. We have to accept this argument, the new project has to grow first. ok accepted. But HOW is tenx / pay integrated? NO comment. means for me no plan probably.

@Tenebrae how many pay and tenx does tenx still hold? this could be at least a little hope that you have interest in this…

Man just filter the Pay or TenX-Tokens on Etherscan and you see how much they hold :>

thx, did not know that this wallet is public.
is the multi sig wallet THEIR OWN vault?