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Discussion on Exchanges for TENX Token

Hi all,

I’m not quite sure why there seems to be a misconception circulating around the internet and community that TenX isn’t interested in getting our rewards token listed. There are a bunch of priorities right now that encompass the recently approved EMI Licence (all administrative matters within) and the preparations for an EU re-launch all in parallel with exploring new ways to deliver as much value to token holders in the community as possible. However actively searching, cold calling or trying to close deals with exchanges and paying for such listings isn’t exactly our policy, nor do we plan on doing that. If the community or exchanges want to list the TENX Token, we are most happy to see that happen.

As some of you may know from Rocket Chat, I have recently been working very closely with the blockchain engineers of our Token squad and am very much involved now in finding new ways to build out the vision for both PAY and TENX Tokens. Happy to take feedback and work together with you all with your suggestions and comments on how we can crowdsource and work together as a community to get TENX eventually listed in an organic way, especially now that it has been issued and that rewards are live.

I’ve compiled a list of exchanges I’ve read about or researched around Q4 2018 so not sure if they are still relevant or if there are new ones you can recommend.

Here’s what I have so far:

  • Polymath
  • tZERO
  • Fluidity
  • Bancor
  • Sharepost
  • GBX
  • AlphaPoint
  • Open Finance Network
  • Lykke
  • Neufund
  • Blocktrade
  • NEX

Let me know what you think.


How about using part of Tenx rewards to pay for listing in Binance.
Didn’t Toby say Rewards claimed by Tenx will be used to education and to benefit community. Let community benefit than.


Hey @moratari thanks for your suggestion that’s really interesting and would love to see both PAY and TENX one day listed on Binance but I’ll be honest with you I’m not sure of the legal and compliance implications of using rewards to pay for a listing or even paying for listings outright like that. I’ll have to discuss with the relevant team members taking all of that into consideration.



I consider lykke as my most favourite exchange. Based in Switzerland, excellent and very professional reputation, able to to deposit by credit card and most importantly no trading fees. I would say please go for it, would be a good match with your Europe card rollout. Lykke customer desk is also very responsive and they set a model like every exchange should be.


I’m not sure if it would be possible but Kyber network could be an option.
I think they will only require liquidity.

Hi Mike, personally I like OKEx, Bittrex and Binance the best. Or Coinbase Pro :wink:

P.S. You guys should better make sure that PAY doesn’t get delisted at Bittrex.

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Well kinda thinking about pay for binance…
Tenx on big exchange eoukd be cool as well maybe di 2 listings on big exchange

Problem with most small exchanges is they are mostly not real exchanges they are usually just a gateway to real exchanges.

Reputable exchanges:
Bitfinex - a bit shady
Bitstamp -just fiat
Kraken - mostly fiat
Kucoin - reputable a bit questionable
Lykke - reputable a bit questionable

Still reputable but less used:
Gemini - mostly fiat

Less knows, still reputable exchanges:
Bitbay - already lists PAY, mostly just fiat

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Either Lykke or Polymath for now, in my Opinion. Sure Binance or Bittrex would be nice, but as you mentioned i think the compliance Side is not that easy to solve right now.


blitzio, sorry if this is rude now, but what you write in your first post is like a provocation, I will tell you why:
We asked for a listing, Toby explained his view on this (dont want a listing for now, waiting for the right sentiment and he want a good listing …)
Now you say its something that you expect to be done by exchanges itself or by community.
Then you suggest some exchanges you had researched more than a half year ago and on the list are “polymath” do you know what polymath is? Did you open their website just one time?
tZERO??? Honestly? This is a security exchange for the US market, the market that is NOT ALLOWED to participate in TENX.


I dont know, what kind of research you did…

The point is, we got promised an AMA and TenX always tweets and posts about meetings and “listen to the community”, but you dont do. Now you tell us its up to us and post us some funny names of “exchanges”.

Do you want to chat away or do you want to see the points the community is throwing at you on different channels and make them clear?

  1. Discuss with us the reward system, explain your reasons and TALK with us! LISTEN AND EXPLAIN!
  2. Care about a health market for your investors. Some of them had to sell because of private need (sickness, family, what ever) and they had to sell for the worst price they could have expect. What are those PAY worth you pay out to us? You dont have to care about pumps but for a health market. (liquidity and professional (i mean good not firm) PR communication and to stick to agreements).

I think its in the responsibility of TenX to care for a health market. Its not funny that we get PAY (1/3 of the expected amount) and then we are not able to sell them and on the same side TenX keeps the earned ETH, BTC, … I think they got money from the community and the way they care about the people investments does not motivate anybody to spend more money for TenX. Tenx has the money already in there funds, they have to use them!

Binance.com excludes US customers, maybe its possible, but dear blitzio, to get a listing you also and especially have to do an application on most exchanges and they have to know a lot of legal documents and contact numbers, emails, etc of the company/dev leader/… for the case they find a bug or an attack happens … to think the community can do this is naive. TenX has to do it, this is not the year 2012!



MCO token is also providing cashback feature and it is listed on Binance for quite long time, so I don’t see any issue of getting listed on exchange, or other companies have done something which TenX are not capable of?

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Tenx holds 20m pay tokens locked in vault from ICO especially for things like listings. No idea how it can be not a policy if this was one of rules how ico funds gets allocated. It is written in definition of what policies applies in tenx!

How can it not be tenx policy anymore! Who changed it and why. Why blog was not updated? Why new policies are not defined?


Well!! Did you know? Itbit exchange has been growing rapidly over the last few years, a lot of people are using this exchange because it offers the two factor authentication to the users.