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Dark Mode is out!

Our Dark Mode is finally out (v.3.20.0)! What do you think?

Btw., we are aware of the white block at the bottom on the home screen, that’s getting fixed in the next version :wink:


Thanks a lot. :+1:

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i like it


I have been waiting for this! xD


Black on black, not so nice.


Thanks, forwarded it.

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Agree, also suggested this :smiley:

Yes, I also requested it bigtime and like the result. Instantly changed to dark background again when it arrived but forgot to post to say thanks. Of course, I don’t use the app much, still waiting waiting waiting for my card to arrive even though I live in the EU.

Wow dark mode…you have listened to your clients, this is what we all have been waiting for. More is not required, this is it. Let´s see, where is my card … ooh, well, who cares about a card, we have dark mode now