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Daily Chart seems bullish ... Pay token 🚀

this shitcoin, voyager token, saved my ass. Bought in 2017 under 1 dollar. Unfortunately missed selling when it was over 10 dollars. This time I took the chance and more than tripled my bet. The second coin I sold was the OMG. But only with a small profit. The third coin, a shitcoin, I can’t get rid of. It is INT.
All in all, a profit of 15,000 dollars.
Bad when I think how much I could have sold it for in 2017.
I don’t want to complain though. I remain positive.
So, now our PAY token remains.
This will be a ride with PAY Token!!!

No more Crypto!!! Never!!!

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who is doing this wash trading? tenx? dont believe this…
and I see no benefits for anybody at least atm for this wash trading…

any explanations for that? No experience with this phenomenon.

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We are officially bullish now?

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as long we don’t have a use case I don’t think so.

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Can you give a short-term and a medium-term estimate of the status of TenX? And also regarding the PAY Token?
I think you are the least judgmental and are still positive about TenX.

I am no employee therefore I can’t tell you anything. But I believe they add value to the token in the next 1-2 years. PAY/BTC might still suffer, but idk.

speaking generally we should keep all conversations up on this forum.
Otherwise there will be an announcement due to inactivity closing down the forum.

@Tenebrae meanwhile there are lot of questions unanswered. If you want us to respect the communication style and hiding in the telegram mimo group then you should not ignore us here.
please refer to all questions of the last days by people here

I don’t see many new questions, to be honest. The same as usual. If I had new information to share I would do it.

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ok, this is better than not answering, I guess you understand it.

Do you have any timeline when you will communicate more to the Mimo group about your past?

At the moment I would estimate in 2 weeks


I have 77k with TENX token. What can I do with it? Is it trash is it going to be used in this mimo project?

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You will be able to do something with them in a few weeks, I cannot comment yet on details,


Hey @Tenebrae I have a question. Back on the October 1st, 2020 TenX blog post where you announced the sunsetting of the old TenX platform, the company also mentioned the dawn of a “NEW platform even more aligned with our mission” which was in the works. Was the company referring to Mimo, or was it referring to a new TenX platform?


Good question. More companys like one whould be the dream for me. :heart_eyes:. And on top as Main company tenx. “In the good old days” i mentioned this way​:star_struck:

Yes it was referring to Mimo

what happend ?? Pay token falls…

Could be inside informations (in the past TenX had problems with that)


Negative Press:

CEO of block-builders hate us because we didn’t want to work with them lol

BTC-Echo article is wrong and we are talking to them

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