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Crypto 2020

Hey folks btc or other cryptos are Performing so well what are you guys think? Are we in a bullrun? What is your Favorit ? Btc is very nice but my Favorit is eth.what about of the rest of the tenx community.what is your Favorit crypto These days. And a spezial question to @Tenebrae. In the year 2017 when tenx made the ico it was Worth 80 mio. When i remember whell the half of it turnt to fiat. The rest stay crypto they must performing good to or not. Have you any Infos about that?

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For your information, this forum is dead. All is dead here. Don’t expect a transparent answer.
Sorry guy

Since the end of the last bull market, we have been in Fiat to a very large extent. But I am not quite up to date on how we may have changed this recently.

And concerning your previous questions, personally for me BTC remains the king and ETH + a few Defi coins I take for more potential upside. What I can recommend are interviews with Michael Saylor and Raoul Pal to understand how massive the next bull market that has already started or is about to start will be.

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