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Community opinions about partnerships that will benefit the future tenx platform.specific ideas or a rough direction

In the last stream with Paul we got to know in which direction tenx would like to develop. maybe it would be a good idea to write our opinions about the future assets tenx would like to offer here, especially since Paul pointed out to do so.i start with my opinion and discuss both topics in the description to show the community what i mean.first the concrete thing
1:Paul said it would be great if stocks would be tokenized in the future and could be issued directly with the tenx card.i know that a company from switzerland already does this.so to tokenize the stocks i mean.the name of this company is daura ag.maybe the guys and girls from tenx can check out the company.certificates contact etc.potential partnership in the future?
Now to my unspecific case:
2:generally I think that tokenized gaming assets could be a great branch in the tenx ecosystem.the younger ones have a much better understanding of digital value objects like in fortnight As a example .how great would it be to buy an item in a game and sell it sometime for a coffee.i think that has potential.
That’s roughly what I thought about the topic.



Here is the official homepage of daura


That’s a great idea! Please let us know what in your opinion makes sense for potential future partnerships for the TenX ecosystem and how we could work together. We’ve got a few in the pipeline and hopefully can share a bit more once things are a bit more concrete.

One thing to note is perhaps we don’t necessarily have to limit ourselves to crypto/blockchain companies when we consider such partnerships. Food for thought!


Hey guys out there.i will point out one,in my opinion of course,badass partnership that we eventually can get. Everyone have its own opinion aboute Facebook of course.but I think we can agree that this social media network is mainstream.ok this guys are creating a stablecoin codename „Libra“.when we can integrate this coin in the tenx wallet that could be absolutely gamechanging.maybie you guys from tenx can check this out? I’m shure Facebook is behind regularly accuracy and in my opinion tenx also do.that is always the hard way but that can open us a door what for our competitor is eventually is close because of sloppy regular accuracy. https://techcrunch.com/2019/06/06/facebook-libra-launch/amp/ Is a little more information about that coin. What are your thougs guys?

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Obious what could be spendable:
Wow gold
Oil brend
Dow jones index.
I think abra had some solution to trade stocks using btc.
So maybe you could do some abra partnership to allow ppl to spend their stocks in shop using tenx card.
Sure stacking physical gold is cool but not usefull and not risk free, fake gold paper has benefits also. Digix could allow real gold spending and abra could allow spending all stocks and other digital assets like stock indexes, or futures or anything else.
Ofc adding btc-ln payments as addition to just card payment might be cool : with custodial handling opening nodes, upkeeping channels and managing movement from onchain to ln and back to onchain.

Allowing to spend illiquid assets will cause more problems than create benefits.



If you want to get a free entryticket on the lykke platform maybe consider to partner with solarcoin (https://solarcoin.org) as they are very close partners with lykke. Such could contribute to a green image of tenx, as crypto especially mining of btc is wasting a lot of energy. Solarcoin is a currency that is designed to support solar electricity generation. If you own solar panels you get for free 1 solarcoin per produced MW. They have a big partnership with SMA (sunny portal) and the foundation runs some fantastic projects in Africa. Maybe tenx should contact them?

My 2 cents

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You need to get integrated into other existing POS systems. Take the top 5-10 online payment options and get them to integrate the TenX wallet