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Comit in May?

Nothing in May ?

The silence … :zipper_mouth_face:

Meanwhile here’s an interesting read.

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If you are up to date with comit, can you explain me, tenx do swap right now with comit network? Or what is right now the use case of comit with tenx. I do not know. I have read comit is able to do swap PAY to ETH and ETH to BTC so PAY to BTC it is also possible why tenx can not offer in his app? If comit is so cool why can I never read things about comit in my crypto news chanels there are a lot and comit is missing? Why?

No, I’m not up to date. Yes, they could technically do COMIT-swaps, but those swaps (probably) aren’t part of there internal compliency (yet) and not integrated into their backend-code (yet).

Also, right now they are probably using the already existing liquidity of crypto-exchanges, instead of creating their own liquidity-pool.

The reason you’re not spammed with COMIT-news is because 1.) there are still some missing building blocks and design dilemmas that need to be fixed, 2.) it’s too complex for ordinary folks so it’s mainly Github dev-stuff right now, 3.) people only get interested once they see an incentive or a usecase. COMIT isn’t a system for the ordinary folks: it’s mainly for the big players with lots of multi-asset liquidity. Small players create a BTC lightning payment channel without the need of COMIT.