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We are getting many important questions in chat, and important answers, but they get lost in time and space over time.

That’s a pity.

For example planned support of other languages:

Some important announcements are comming:

Some questions that would be nice to get answered and already went into chat:

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Response to:
TenX in my opinion still needs to also offer users that they can BUY crypto…so so make full circle so that I don’t have to go to coinbase and risk the easy choice of using coinbase’ card - instead of having to then send on the crypto to TenX wallet - Remove any barrier for the average joe - make it dead simple

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Just use the Coinbase card… you can actually get one of those.

Need good card, not crap. Maybe if coinbase will work similar to tenx card. Currently coinbase is not supporting local currencies, and not available in eu