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Centralized or decentralized?!

what is the goal of tenx in the long run?

some facts we can all agree on:

  • tenx is well funded, ICO 2017 was a huge success
  • there was a concept (whitepaper1) people liked and understood
  • it’s not a scam, there is (very, very little) progress
  • in the beginning it was pretty transparent, now everything is a secret.

so, why are things happening as they are?
at some point after the ICO they had to start walking a path, i just don’t get what the goal is?

is it just about making money?
they clearly failed if thats the case. competition did a better job in developing different products people can use. therefore they have more sources of possible income, and more users in general.

why even choose a centralized concept in crypto?
wouldn’t it make much more sense if someone tries a different way? (#revolutionary & #nextlevel)

in my opinion they had the best start to really start a revolution, but they ditched the concept of becoming decentralized and frontrunning.

they became a bank.