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Card refund!

Hello TenX team!

Maybe I just ordered my card a week ago? Maybe it was 4 weeks ago. Whatever, we gave you cash for the card’s service and you did not deliver what we paid for!
My card went useless and the app now just turned into a useless centralised crypto wallet!

Please refund me the 10 USD I paid for a useless shitty piece of plastic! This shit alrdy impacted my TenX and PAY holdings, these holders u wanna punish now even more, with having them left with a useless piece of plastic for 10 dollars?

Please calm down, no one expected that this could happen. You can apply for a refund anytime and we’ll process it immediately here: https://support.tenx.tech/hc/en-us/requests/new


of course not! But you (tenx) have promised to have a second option ready… how far in the process of your own cards are you already?is it like first 10% or more than 50% ? this is important for me to understand the chances against competition.

and will there be an official statement about CEO and restructuring TenX team?

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I am also wondering where the contingency plan is
They had given a nice sweet talk before their second launch that they won’t let this happens again
And now it happens again and they can’t tell us what they are going to do at the moment

I was wondering that’s not supposed to happen. Because i think they are too cooperative.