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Can someone please hook him up?

Can someone please hook him up?
TenX needs more visibility!



Thanks for the suggestion. I contacted him now.


Are you guys seeing his tweet reactions?

only a mere 2 or 3 people support the TenX card.
a few for coinbase/revolut/crypterium & blockcard
and a whopping 75% recommends the Crypto.com card.

That is what a strong community can do for you.

That being said they have reached 2 million users (app) and the EU cards are issued.

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I agree that the community is pretty weak and I wonder where the people are that already have cardsโ€ฆ! BUT many people supporting Crypto.com are shilling their referral codes. IMO this leaves a scammy aftertaste. I hope Tenx wonโ€™t be like that once the referral program is started.

As far as I now, crypto.com is shipping to UK which technically is no longer EU. They promised to ship to rest of EU all at once last week but :woman_shrugging:t3:.

I got one card. Located in Germany

Theyโ€™re shipping the rest of EU now as well: https://www.reddit.com/r/Crypto_com/comments/ghnkf1/eu_status_overview/

Will be interesting to see which card I will get first :wink: