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Can I get a TenX Card?

Not much talking going on in this forum…

So, can I get my card I paid for years ago?

Why do you change for the card? I just got a card for the Cash App (that thing by twitter/square) I can buy and sell and receive bitcoin on it and use that to find the card. They don’t charge for cards.

What is the actual reason you can’t/don’t ship cards to the US? If someone gets your card in Singapore they can use it in the US correct? Why not ship it to people in the US? Is it a legal issue? Our just a capacity issue?

I had the old coinbase card, they didn’t charge for the card and I got it in the US.

We need a separate license for the US, which we will also work on. So far we have no time frame for this. Launching in more EU countries will be our priority in the coming months.

But the card can be used in the US?

Just got my Embliy card! It’s metal like those founders cards of TenZx Were supposed to be.

Will TenX ever do metal cards with different logos?

Yes, our card can be used wherever Visa is accepted.
The offering of the card itself is different depending on the country and region.

We are already in the process of going through the process of offering Limited and Founder cards to people in the APAC region. Unfortunately I do not have an exact date for this yet.

In the future we will also be able to offer our own designs, if not even personalized. But this will take some time.

@Tenebrae Is there any estimated roadmap for the rest of Europe? Is Czech Republic rolling out soon?


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Hi! Sorry for the late response. Our plan is still to go live in Europe (EEA) completely this year with the cards. But to be honest, unfortunately I think the Czech Republic will probably not be part of the rollout of the next countries.

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But never in the US. All these other cards are in the US… why can’t TenX with all that left over ICO money pull it off?

I don’t know if the attitude changed by now, but when I was in Singapore in December 2018 Julian told me they weren’t even looking into it as it was too much hassle. Given the way they handle the APAC/EU rollout I’d say that’s still the case.

so H1 2020 is almost over, and TenX covered 2 countries (Austria & Germany).
and you are saying the remaining 28 countries will follow in the second half of the year?

isn’t this a little ambitious, again?
why don’t you share the plans of the rollout, i mean it’s not that far out anyway?

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Can I get a timeframe of estimated deliver time or status, I want this show in tenx app.
Like tomorrow or your card is shipping. Or a push notification.