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Buying pressure.... Bullish break out?

I have noticed some buying pressure building looks like a bullish break out coming soon.

I think Tenx will have another bull run… I suspect they will release a lot of new things in line with the new bull market…


TenX must integrate PAY tokens as currency, so that we can pay with PAY normally. My good idea for the PAY: PAY is bought at the market and after payment at the merchant, it is kept at TenX and not sold at the market…
There are so many ways to give value to PAY. But let’s let them bring out a good product first.
Why do I keep writing the same thing over and over again? Does it even make sense?

How could you buy at market if you can’t sell at market… What are you on about?

You need a LOT op capital to do that. I don’t think TenX is no where near that position to do that.

No idea what you guys are talking about?

3runexx is taking about the promise of buying PAY on the open market as rewards for TENX tokens: TenX doesn’t need to provide a buying pressure once users start selling PAY with their cards. They just need to hold that PAY.

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Nice little pump :muscle:

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PAY in an uptrend against BTC

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Some insider trading going on?

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Hi, I had the same thought…

Or some speculator with deep pockets…

Can some of you experts find out if they slowly buying back their PAY Token?

I see… So you think it was Tenx that dumped… And now they are buying back cheaper?

Nope, just wondering if they (or people related to the matter) are buying before the decentralization… not based on anything.