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Bitpanda Card

The competition never sleeps…

somehow they offer what tenx tried to deliver.
why is that?

A better question would be whether TenX will even come out with cards this year or will the DeFi product take up the whole year? Let’s be realistic and if they come out with DeFi this year, we can consider ourselves lucky. Yupii go TenX

i don’t think there will be anything big this year.
you heard it, defi-product is in pre-alpha.
the old app is gone by march.

that’s basically all we know.

That’s really shameful. What to say to that? If they’re only going to take the whole year for this one product, then that’s definitely the end of them.

They had already taken more than 4 years for one product and the product is now gone
If they can be success on just the DEFI product this year, u have to be glad already