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Automatic buy BTC / Cash

Tenx is talking about programable money,
so I have found in cryptonews a nice future on squares. Perhaps tenx can also offer this future.
For buy automatic BTC every week or months.
The link is in german
Squares Cash-App führt automatisch wiederkehrende Bitcoin Käufe ein

yeah, that’s nothing new though.
coinbase, bitpanda and others offer that for over 2 years i think.

it only makes sense if you can hold fiat…

personally i use bitpanda and i really like their concept & what they offer. (i’m from austria, it’s an austrian company)
you can hold 4 different fiat currencies, the most important cryptos, gold & silver etc. +
they have a trading platform.
tenx is nice to have, i liked the project, but a lot changed an honestly i don’t use the card.
it’s good to know “i could buy that with crypto”, but i don’t see a reason why i should use the card on a daily basis.

I know this, I can not use the tenx visa card too, I am not from german or austria, but in EU. I am waiting for card since 2 years. But crypto are not yet in mainstream, and tenx can implement IBAN deposit with her license and with card and IBAN and with use case for PAY token I am happy but not right now the app is still in beta in my opinion like startup but it isn’t startup but they do not show in the app, website, forum…

Thanks for the suggestion! It was for some time on our list and we are working now on it.

@Hienckes The feature has now been implemented and activated for the first people to see if everything works as it should and to get the first feedback.

Thanks for your suggestion!

I can not find out what is new in 3.20.8 ??
But the fees are at this time stamp