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Automatic buy BTC / Cash

Tenx is talking about programable money,
so I have found in cryptonews a nice future on squares. Perhaps tenx can also offer this future.
For buy automatic BTC every week or months.
The link is in german
Squares Cash-App führt automatisch wiederkehrende Bitcoin Käufe ein

yeah, that’s nothing new though.
coinbase, bitpanda and others offer that for over 2 years i think.

it only makes sense if you can hold fiat…

personally i use bitpanda and i really like their concept & what they offer. (i’m from austria, it’s an austrian company)
you can hold 4 different fiat currencies, the most important cryptos, gold & silver etc. +
they have a trading platform.
tenx is nice to have, i liked the project, but a lot changed an honestly i don’t use the card.
it’s good to know “i could buy that with crypto”, but i don’t see a reason why i should use the card on a daily basis.

I know this, I can not use the tenx visa card too, I am not from german or austria, but in EU. I am waiting for card since 2 years. But crypto are not yet in mainstream, and tenx can implement IBAN deposit with her license and with card and IBAN and with use case for PAY token I am happy but not right now the app is still in beta in my opinion like startup but it isn’t startup but they do not show in the app, website, forum…