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App doesn’t work

It doesn’t work since yesterday ? All is alright ?

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I feel reassured

Hi! No worries, we are working on a bigger update to deactivate some functions and to make it possible to easily refund cards and that user can withdraw their funds at once. You can expect this to be live probably tomorrow.

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Update are cool but to put down complete is not the way, not professionel. I am not amused seem like exit.

There is not really a reason currently to use the app anyways and I think we made that clear especially here in the forum when I said there will be a new app.

The update is out and the app is working again, sorry for the inconvenience guys.

The app does not seem to work in all areas yet. I have logged out, updated the app and wanted to log in again. But it does not work.

Any update on timing of the new app or info?

Ok now I have access to my fonds again at tenx app(3.25.1) the down time is not justifiabIe! I will transfer every tokes to my HW! I do not like playing. In the tenx Blog you are talking new updat next months so not 2 weeks they are over yet. I am disappointed over years from tenx. ROI is disaster. No chanels for community an so many Desinformations on www incredible. Tenx do not want to title as startup but they are a startup till now. Ok Wirecard is over but you can change more quick like every other concurrence companies too. Rewards I have try 3 times (25k-tenx)I am disappointed, the fees are to high and the whole to do it must be in the app, but I am waiting and waiting… just soon… over years… So I must stop investing in tenx in 2019 without updates and no visa card in my EU country.
Right now I have a tenx Hot wallet without privat key, so every kind of multi wallet app will offer more joice or function to me.
I have no info no roadmap no secure about my coins just this little chat with 25 activ peoples, perhaps on Twitter I do not know but on my news chanels there are nothing about tenx and also twitter will be show but I have no accout. I can not trust tenx right now, you must change something…!

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Hi! Are you really sure that you have the newest version 3.25.1? Please check your app store again. If that doesn’t help please contact our support: https://support.tenx.tech/hc/en-us

Not yet, we had an audit for one of our new products and it looks pretty good. Hopefully one of the new products can start very soon.

It works now. Had to delete the app and reinstall it.

same here

Cool, thanks for the update! Are you excited about the new products that are launching?

I don’t have the new app ? Do you have it ?

I just updated the app and when I access it I am only offered two options; “buy Bitcoin with 10 eur” or "Access your money with a black card displayed "

In both cases it asks me to provide email address to start the process.

I can not get into the app as previously… why?

You can just continue with your registered email, that’s both the register and log in screen.

Thanks, I did manage to enter the app, but had to go insert many details, which is rather confusing.

There should simply be a log in button in addition to two previously mentioned options.

I am still unable to update or reinstall the apps… pls help

I cant even update or reinstall my apps. Can u help me?