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App design / tool

The most android app show this two buttons on the top left and right corner.

This will show, that the tenx app is nice programmed or inplemented to the android device.


Can I have the possibility in tenx app to not show my “Total balance” or hid my balance with ****.
In the settings or you can but a icon behind the balance like

When you are somewhere and you just will switch between primairy wallet, nobody can see your total balance, or for showing the app too someone for make publicity.

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When I put in tenx app the black design all is black just not “Learn more about crypto…”

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I love this nice tool (in “the crypto app” android) perhaps tenx can offer the same.

You can set a date in upper right corner in earlier date. Very nice tool if you want buy or sell a coin to get the amount for your portfolio or just for have a look or for organisation… very cool.

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Can tenx add charts like this to the balance, it is just a example

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Why tenx do not show PAY token in “Markets”.

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In “Markets” you can add more information about the coin, like rang or a smal wiki description. In several apps I miss also the dominance like the last Screenshot.

I am not sure but coingecko offer a API you can implement for those information if not CMC for sure but CMC is not realy open source of my opinion.

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I can not find the roadmap or milestones or #nextlevel not in the app not on Website or homepage tenx.tech not on Forum not on Blog??? So what are you planing in the future? Can I have a little information? Please.

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The “Alert” Design you can also put more option, now it is not userfriendly I can not delete my alert who are old and I would more option. I have put a Screenshot (the crypto app) I love the fonction to put a personal information when coin price is over or below a pecific price. Great tool you must do also very nice.

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Okay from top to bottom.

  1. Why do you need those buttons? You can access everything through the tabs or the person icon on the top left corner.
  2. Hmm, I’m not sure on this one. I think the total balance will move to another tab when the next updates are in place. Let’s wait if that is maybe enough to hide it more in general.
  3. Our home screen will get a redesign, we will not update it further till then.
  4. Our market tab will get a lot more functions. I think this is one feature that would be nice, I will forward it, thanks!
  5. We will do something like this on the Activity tab.
  6. PAY will be added to the Markets.
  7. Let’s see when we finished our redesign and current feature plans what the users want additionally, but I’m open for something like this :slight_smile:
  8. The milestone page will be added to our home page soon, https://tenx.tech/
  9. You can delete your alerts by pressing on it and moving it to the left, but I agree with you that this feature also need a lot more work. Thanks for the feedback, I will also forward this.
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Also nice in “coinmarketcap”

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Can I have the possibility to show Landscape Design in the tenx App?
For people they do not like a option in settings, yes/no/auto will be great.

Can I have the possibility to change the collor in black design I love red collor can I change it in the future now it is showing in blue I want change the blue in red? Can you put this option in settings?

I miss new look for the tenx app what is with your desingner team? There are a lot of missing, more language support or the charts, like my Screenshots befor, a short wiki explain to the coins for new user… can you not put smal Update to the app, please user have impression You do nothing…?

I think the wallet in its current form is also a discontinued model.
I do not expect cards anymore.
TenX has to prove me the opposite first and with that I mean real facts and not promises.

The current app will not get any extended updates any more, just a few fixes and hold it online so people can access their funds and refunds.
There will be a new app but more information on that until we have an MVP ( minimum viable product) ready.

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