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When do you think we will have cards in Europe? (in addition to germany)
What do you think is going on at TenX ?
What is your prediction for a announcement ?

I just hope that another big Crypto company is buying TenX for the E money license (for what its worth) and somehow magically, the TenX token is worth something.


Thats my hope too :slight_smile:

Who could buy TenX? Binance ? Coinbase ?
Maybe TenX is not for sale and they are coming to settle in Europe ?

If Tenx would be bought out the token would be the first to go probably.

Probably yes, But maybe the token can be sold after the news and before the dump.
or it can be swapped to the buyers token.

That can be an agreement that TenX can negotiate with the deal.
Some last thing they can do for the TenX token holders. (but I doubt it), probably its a grab the cash and run.

Plenty of reasons to relocate of course. But for sure if they relocate, they are going to build a new team.
Its not going to be cheap. Thinking of ditching all the non necessary employees in Singapore, Leasing of office space. Finding new employees in EU.

However they still have the money to pull this trick one more time, but personally, i think the product/company fundamentals has to be changed drastically before its going to work
Launching the TenX product as it is in EU is not going to win the war for them.

Merging with another small crypto company also a possibility to expand growth. A company like Crypterium can still benefit from a merger with TenX. (and they are in Europe already)

Does anyone see the future of TenX positive?

It went all downhill when TenX was denying the Binance listing fee and kept arguing it on social media
Personally that decision was the first and one of the worst decisions of TenX.

To answer your question:
TenX future?

card as it: no future (check other cards to find out why)
wallet as it: no future (limit crypto support, and lacks features)
exchange as it: no future (still in beta, and lack of features)
comit as it: no future (dev speed is way too slow compared to others)
E-Licence: worth probably some money
team as it: no future (from what i see, the whole dev team in Singapore should get sacked, and the management can be renewed including the leading man)

ok you think TenX would be dead soon …

Define dead.
I think its on a dead end, and this process can be a long long way to go (knowing TenX), they still have funds

It has every signs of a dead crypto company:

worthless token out of top 300: check
token without utility: check
team that is shrinking instead of expanding: check
clueless road map: check
few people are die hard left over community: check
internet has more bad then good talks about you: check
invisible/hiding management: check

The signs are clear: TenX will die, most people/staff here are in denial. (but I think deep in their mind, they know its true)

Ok so TenX is dead … @Tenebrae do you confirm ? without response from you, is that you confirm.

Lol guys chill.
We are still in business as usual. I’m not sure what are you guys dreaming at night. Just read again what I wrote in the other thread. Yes it sucks to wait but that’s what it is at the moment.


So all is alright for us. You can say if it’s a bad or good news ?

What employee will tell their customers that it’s a shithole in their company? Try contact a ex employee and ask the same question again.
Even when bitconnect was going down, people were trying to suggest everything was still ok.

And whoever thinks that all this FUD is worth whatever is going on, needs to follow a few basic customer relations courses.