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Announcement spot the ball game ;)

OK so there is an eagerly anticipated announcement soon so I thought it might be fun if everyone writes their guess at what it might be… and anyone who gets it right can bask in eternal smugness! (maybe TenX will throw a t-shirt their way too? *hint hint)

I’ll start us off…

My guess is that it will be a precise TENX token distribution date and a reveal of an exchange that will list the token :+1:

Second🌝: my hint is the token distribution live in the meetup

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A date for token distribution ?
Integration Pay in Binance or Coinbase ?
Card order for Europe ?
A banking license ?

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All of those in one announcement eh :wink:

Wow, you guys are ambitious!

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What about a shock announcement that TenX have won over Amanda B Johnson from DASH, so she’ll come to Singapore to support the TenX PR campaign for the next year? Credentials Win-win?
Or perhaps announcement of TENX token distribution date? :slight_smile:

Tenx token distribution done.
Amount of rewards to be paid.
PAY added to tenx wallet app.
You can order cards using PAY.

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Ok … A cup or a hat with TenX logo ? :wink:
If we are ambitious, it’s that we are the TenX community …

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Tshirt, mug and cap :slight_smile: gwan, let’s go crazy!

I expect TenX token distribution date and also some important milestone that COMIT has reached.

Hi all, for a TenX T-shirt i do everything :grinning:.
My guess is too that it will be a TENX token distribution date and a reveal of an exchange that will list the token. Also the PAY token and his usecase.
For T-shirt size, i have XL :grinning::heart:

Nobody got it completely correct!

The tshirt and mug will have to wait :wink:

Happy with the news though, just hope for more details soon about the PAY loyalty programme