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And TenX ? (For France)

Please don’t remove it … and bring us an answer …

Good weekend …


Those threads will not make differents tho :smiley:
As mentioned in other threads (like here TenX, decentralization, anonymity and conflicts with regulatory) we are working on fundamental changes to our products and goals and this will take some time.

Have a nice weekend :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s always something tho isn’t it? For APAC people last year it was ‘we’re focusing on EU market atm’. How did that market move forward? Right, it didn’t.

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Actually I didn’t want to write anything, but still these short messages that we have heard so often: don’t worry, everything will be fine or: we are really not to blame, the laws have changed or: we are going through a restructuring in the company.
You know what, I don’t give you 3 or 4 months to make fundamental changes concerning the business and make the product in a wonderful way somehow better.
I’m giving you 2 years to make the changes. But you’re still not gonna make it. And why not? Because it’s not your money you’re wasting. If it was your money, you wouldn’t be here posing as a fintech company. You’d get off your ass and start making some real deliveries.


I already give up on yelling here

U guys must know that TenX itself didn’t even put any effort but just writing a whitepaper to raise 80m usd and have more than this after they sold a lot when ETH went up a lot

What should they give u any response on ur complaining? This is what I ask myself also

They got a lot of money and why have to care about us

They just do whatever they want SLOWLY
And try everything they wanted, even failed they won’t lose anything but the money from us only

They are enjoying in the comfort zone.

Just pretend that u have already lost all ur money from this investment and hope something will happen miraculously in the future.

See you guys SOON


Write guy. No respect for us

the worst think you could do in any cycle is trade a long-term risk for a short-term win.
I wonder what kind of product TenX is working on and how they want to fundamentally change their business model :wink:

According to Ivan On Tech:

You don’t want to be the first company to bring out a product, but you want to be the last company that brings out a product.

Well, we know what happened to them being the first card issuer, so they have a chance to do it again, and probably they want to become the last.


Hmm, that’s a crazy analysis from Ivan On Tech, LOL. Go figure Tesla would postpone innovation to remain it’s industry leading position.

I’d like to hear the answer to this.