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An open letter to TenX by the revos

Dear TenX, dear community,

for those of you who didn’t notice: during their last AMA, TenX changed the complete reward model of the TENX token and shifted token ratios heavily in their favor in a „small announcement“. In the same AMA TenX chose to leave most of the questions unanswered, including many of the pressing ones.

The days following the announcement, TenX dodged every single question, abandoning the community till this day. Therefore, we chose to address them directly in our Revolutionaries chat and asked the questions the community wanted to be answered, as well as pressing for a reversion of the announced changes to the reward model. Many days have passed and still there are lots of questions without a clear answer. They did address some things, but did so in the most evasive way, so it can be interpreted in various ways.

The sudden silence and ignorance of TenX is unprecedented. Unfortunately, this goes hand in hand with the announced changes to the token model which heavily favor TenX and strengthen their position towards the community, greatly reducing their planned rewards to the community as calculations show.

At a single blow, TenX slaps all of their long term followers and supporters in the face and breaks nearly every promise/statement made during the last two years (even multiple times) to an extend which is unacceptable.

We do not demand for TenX to fulfill every wish of the community, but to keep the promises made in the original whitepaper in accordance with the statements made at the introduction of the new TENX token.

Therefore, we strongly urge TenX, precisely Toby, until next Thursday, to publicly declare its willingness to comply with the following points by the end of November:

  1. Return to the original TENX reward model announced in December (no rewards for TenX at all)
  2. Set a clear end to the issuance period of TENX within 2019
  3. Adjustment of the TENX token ratio between TenX and the community to snapshot conditions (after the end of the issuance period)
  4. A clear statement that the PAY held by TenX in their vault will never be used for rewards, as that doesn’t stroke with the original addressing of the PAY tokens (explained here)

We invite anyone who has ever believed in the values of TenX, ever supported and promoted TenX vision, anyone who is a TENX hodler or anyone else who doesn’t want TenX to go south due to greed and ignorance, to share and upvote this post.


Samve, themk, jfk, asongoficeandfire, xqtr, hiyohiyo


Nice Letter! Hopefully they will Change the Strategy or at least make a Compromise with the Community :pray: .

I am in ! :+1:


Sorry Toby and Paul,

but please take to heart what your community wants to tell you with this letter…:nerd_face::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Hi TenX Team, hello community I have to give the community completely right. Changing the whitelist in relation to the rewards is unacceptable. The main reason for my and probably many others investing in TenX was the rewards. The changes in the rewards are shit now. Getting that idea and changing it is irresponsible and unbelievable. It hit me a lot. I agree with themk on all counts and support his changes. Please keep TenX fair.


Hi Tenx,

This is actually a serious matter, I know ur decision might be good for the company but at least do what u have promised
Not expecting the community to accept all the changes u have made

Many of us are in for the TenX token because of the original plan but now the plan has been changed after the snapshot, so just one question, are you going to buy back the amount of PAY with the price before 30th December 2018 from us? I can send back the TenX token as well
This is totally a scam!

U wish to have more supporters and yet u keep lying to us and abuse our trust
And keep saying the company is going to be success
How are u going to be success without the community?


Thank you for this letter! :+1:

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Really you bought tenx token? Though you got them issued for free, tenx never took a penny from you for your tenx tokens. You got tenx tokens for free. If you are not pleased just send them back to tenx vault address.


Tenx reward model might be accurate with whitepaper. If tenx is offsetting amount of rewards to compensate their 44% point 1 is not a case. The IF.

  1. whitepaper never said you lose your reward utility of PAY if you fail to follow news for some time. Closing claiming time is against whitepaper. Reward function of pay token is called tenx token now. Same goes for 3
  1. tenx should stick to the rules. But since like 8 months they are paying to employees from other vault than dedicated to employees sslaries/bonuses. I know breaking rules for 8 months is not correct, but they didnt start doing it like 2 weeks ago. Tenx should stop abusing vault spending pay for things not dedicated in ICO!
    9.5m PAY was used from wrong address dedicated to orher cases.

Tenx please stop saying paying for listing is not your policy if you have 20m PAY in vault specifically set for this purpose!


Hi all,

As mentioned by @Redemption on the original Reddit post you guys put up, we appreciate and understand your concerns and have taken the open letter directly to Toby and the executive team. We are discussing this internally and want to give you as much information as possible with the points you mentioned.


Zero-trust theory:
While replying keep in mind that most or all of Revos sold their PAY assuming PAY is crap, and they did stick with TENX tokens. So representing Tenx community is not the only reason why they did it. Maybe they are not just about making Tenx great, but more about make Tenx token worth more, Token that represents their currently not so great investment.

Doing shitshow, to force Tenx to increase their token value, and playing blame game - and not looking at what is better in long term for community and company, could be the real motivation.
Revos are looking NOT ONLY at what benefits Tenx and community, they are human, and they are invested here, and they will try to make sure their investment is beneficial.

Revos are influential, if they did bad investment they can manipulate ppl to follow them, and play around to benefit their investment. Manipulation is saying 99% of truth, and 1% of lie.

To be really fair they should show where their interest lies. and prove How many PAY and TENX tokens, they have. If person has same amount of PAY and TENX tokens, than yes Tenx should listen to those, But if some person sold most of his PAY tokens, while keeping TENX tokens like themk or samve - they are not independant anymore.

Why does Tenx as a company still has equal amount of Tenx and PAY - i trust Tenx as a company is more independand and will be more fair looking at both tokens - not only at Tenx token.
Current shitshow is about Tenx token. Because ppl screaming are mostly Tenx token invested.

They scare and FUD ppl and make them sell both Tenx and PAY, damaging both community and Tenx.

Sure Tenx didn’t do like perfect communication, but escalating it by Revos to benefit personal gains is not a correct path to follow.


Maybe Revos are manipulating Tenx with open letter, because they are not equally invested in PAY and Tenx.


read carefully first,
i bought Pay token in order to get the tenx token then they should buy back from us with the price before the snapshot, we invested in the original plan but not the current plan

I can not agree with u motari.i have hodlt both tenx and pay the complete way and I’m with the revos

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Ok you bought PAY to get Tenx tokens. From whom did you buy PAY tokens planning investing in Tenx?
Who got your cash? … ask the person who sold you tokens.

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The rewards should go the the Hodlers not the company. The company should have to buy back pay to continue to pay rewards as the original PAY rewards were supposed to from ICO. TenX, you went to shit. Maybe Julian was the only person with his head on straight.

U retard or what?
If they told me initially the token they are holding will receive the reward as well (-44% reward to public) then I would definitely not buy Pay to take part of this but the info I got was the other way round
But then who knows, they just change whatever they want without proper planning like how they started the plan

How can tenx give you back the money if they didnt get it from you.

You bought tokens from some guy, and you want tenx to give you cash? Wtf? Go to the seller.

Tenx doesn’t care if you bought PAY to benefit from Tenx token, they never sold it to you. How can you not get it?
You bought something from GUY A basing on what GUY B (tenx) said. Who is the moron here, you guy A or guy B?

It is you who decided this info was good enough for you to “invest”. You failed. It wasn’t good enough.

Maybe next time go to financial advisor if you can’t handle buying risk on your own.

That’s what all this BS is about, lots of guys though Tenx Dec 2018 info was good enough for them to base investments. Info wasn’t accurate, they lost cash. etc bs. Ppl dosn’t want to admit it was them giving cash to Guy A, and ppl don’t want to admit they failed, so they want to blame Tenx.

It is not about communit, Tenx, team, crypto, just about cash. They can’t see that maybe those changes will be beneficial to Tenx. They don’t care if Tenx will succeed, tenx should not care about them neither.


Yeah, maybe they’re just to short sighted/ to greedy to see the bigger picture.

Concerning: “U retard or what?” Maybe you’ve read this already: Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas , not people.

of course guy B is the moron
Do you really think we bought Pay to take part of this and push the Pay token price up didn’t benefit Tenx company itself at

So what I meant was that they gave u nice plan A to attract investors to come in and then change to plan B which is most of the investors not interested in, does it sound like a scam to you?

And they don’t need to take any responsibility for this for their investors? The refund I had mentioned might be just a way to comfort their investors, they should have better way

I can only say that, they didn’t plan well and always release a false promise
So who will still trust Tenx again?
Is us who make them like boss now,
I really hope they don’t take this for granted and care more about their customers and community

Lastly, my only advice to Tenx is that please plan well first then only announce something that u won’t change them unless there is a valid reason
We don’t need those fake news which make us happy for 2 weeks then put us back to hell afterward