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Aggressive growth plans for 2020

“After this restructuring, we will retain enough funds to fuel our aggressive growth plans for 2020 and expand our business into Europe.”

Hey there,

where is the aggresive grow plan?


@bambooo No need to be unnecessarily negative here.

really? :joy:

you are deleting a fun fact with a clown smiley?

@Tenebrae do you think we will have a card in France before 2021 ? So this year …

If social media are a solid instrument to measure quality, than it would matter :wink:

it matters.

proof me wrong. :wink:

@bambooo Yes, to criticize and ask questions is perfectly ok. Simply letting out your frustration here and spreading a general negative mood not.

@MikeSunshine Yes, the biggest countries and economys in Europe are is still in our timeline. It may not be every country in Europe but most of them as it looks at the moment.


what is it with you insulting me i’m frustrated? i don’t get it.

anyway, why aren’t at least some employees/friends/whatever “boosting” your tweets?
like & retweet that stuff… it’s free and you would reach 10-100x more people easily.

1y ago you stabbed knife in community’s back, and now you ask: dont be angry, be nice, why dont you like the knife that stabbed you.
It is always about cash, sure get sallery from my cash from ico, till it last. I am a funder of tenx not toby or julian you are getting paid from my cash.
If I pay for something i expect to get what i paid, watching cash wasted doesnt make investors happy.
Prove i am wrong deliver what you sold.