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A respond to Toby's answer for open letter to TenX by the revos

Dear Toby
your answer was showing that you took that matter very seriously, you were thoughtful and obviously proofed that you care

i believe you are missing probably one of the biggest issues:
Money talks
pay token price reflects how the community feels about the decisions. if tenx could handle community/clients wills and expectations better i believe pay token price was more stable or at least follow the ups and down of the market.
as of today pay token price shows that tenx handle community/clients requests very poorly.
tenx enterprise is the one suffers from it the most, financially.

even with better business decisions, in my opinion, then competition (mco project decided to focus marketing their card in usa which is an area with way more competition) mco community feels a lot more safer/happier and that reflects in their pretty much stable token price.

the longer tenx will abandon their token hodlers the worst it will be for tenx enterprise
i might even think that tenx will need to start allocating resources for law suits because when people are desperate they will try what ever they can to make it right for them again
and clients will not want to engage with a company that is being sued by their own community

start allocating more focus on how to stabilize pay token price and all the bad feelings about tenx will disappear like magic money talks


PAY price is just a representation of trust in company and the future expectations about company.

When trust goes to 0, same happens with price.
Currently tenx’s words means nothing, costs nothing, only actions counts and money follows actions.


would like adding to what i wrote:

Toby you are keep mentioning over and over again that pay tokens are used as an incentive (bonuses etc) for employees.
i am sure they are not so thrilled getting that Pay token bonus at all. even if they believe long term appreciation and they are getting “more pay tokens at discount now”
we all need tenx employees stronger than ever and not worried about the future of their wealth.

money talks, try stabilize pay token price and everybody will forget what they were all mad about