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A message from our Co-Founder Toby Hoenisch

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I thought the new office location is in a different part of Singapore center.
You can still see the Marina Bay in the background?

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I think it was filmed from Toby’s or Paul’s apartment.

so, the new CEO of tenx just ditched his old company & community without saying a word to them, although he knew this would happen at least for a few months?

imo, this is part of a long exit strategy.
i hope you all prove us wrong on this.

He still has his company shares, so obviously he still have the best in mind. I also don’t know how their community come to this conclusion, I think it was more a communication issue on the whole project. Also, you can communicate these things when it’s done and not in the beginning. We are companys, not some fun crypto projects, you must follow rules, laws and contracts.

so tell me, what rules, laws and contracts prevents a company being honest with their community?

it’s just nonsense. there are many different ways to raise money for a project.
doing an ICO (where basically no rules apply) was the one almost every crypto company chose in 2017.

because it was easy money and you could promise anything.

every founder is a millionaire by now, but at what cost? the reputation of the company is gone.
the community got nothing in return. just empty words and hope, as of now.

As an example, if you change your staff, that is written down in the contracts, with new people in regards of regulators etc., you are only allowed to communicate this to the public when this process is finished. I will not help you google this…
Why are you now jumping to the ICO topic? Obviously ICO’s weren’t that regulated back then but still, we did what we had to do back then when it came to laws and regulations. And since we are now working as a fully regulated company with different partners some parts have changed. Accept that or move on.

It’s not clear to me what your goal is to make any claims and to portray us negatively and that very obsessively, calm down man.

i’m wondering when you will finally realize that you (company) paint the picture, not me.

I mean jumping from negative claim to negative claim is not our attitude it’s yours. Obviously there are improvements to do and we are working on it, but I see not one " criticism" that made much sense from you and that I didn’t respond to in this thread. If I respond to it you are ignoring it and jumping to the next topic :sweat_smile:

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so, tenx is losing followers on a daily basis since 2 years, people are asking about the tokens, asking about the concrete plan/vision/numbers for the company, asking about why all the changes in company structure every year…
and never get a detailed answer…

and you don’t get the criticism?

let’s just agree to disagree.

Ahhhhh bamboo, get elswhere if you don’t like it here.

The crypto industry is only at the beginning and there are still many challenges ahead, so face that or go trading stocks or betting sports to make some quick buck.

And leave us Tenx supporters alone.

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Yet lots of companies have capitalised on this and grown up. Tenx is sadly still a ‘startup’ with funding for years. This leadership change shows again they are not thinking as a company.

Hire someone with at least SOME experience in managing a fintech company. Not just someone you met and had a good feeling about. “Hey, why don’t you run my company?”

Every other company is poaching top people from well known fintech companies. I was so glad to see when Yana was hired, and honestly thought big things could happen if you were able to get people like that in. But apparently it was a one-off.


I hear Markus Braun is looking for a job, he brings loads of experience! I’m in this space because it’s a disruption to how our financial System is running and to the types of people running it.

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I don’t think Yana was really ever part of the TenX team. Just a hired pro to set up the regulatory part of the e-license. When that was done, TenX maybe thought that she wasn’t needed anymore and discarded her vision/ideas for the roadmap (my guess, after reading her stuff)

Anyway, New CEO is in place, i am watching for the promised fireworks. Till for now:

  1. Its still not launched in more countries in EU

  2. PAY still has no utility

  3. Transparency report is still not what it is.

  4. Progress is still like this company is dev’ed by 1 single man

  5. The Virtual card is still handicapped


Yeah, lots of scrutiny here. We should see a lot of things come together. Afraid to say it: soon.

Now we have new CEO, I want also here something of the new CEO.

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Surely when cards in next EU countries start?

It seems the only way you’re going to get that question answered is the moment when (or should I say ‘if’) it happens.