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30 June Update: TenX Visa Card Now Re-Enabled



I can confirm that my TenX Visa card is now working. I just completed a transaction on Ebay.

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Hopefully this was a wakeup call and won’t happen again (well Wavecrest was the real wakeup call but hey)


Received a message concerning this issue from ten-x. however when the card went out of work I reveiced nothing. [edit: first gone into the spam, found out later]
[edit: conclusion wrong]Just another step in this one-sided communication approach.
Not nice.

We send out an email when the cards were deactivated and we send a new email just some minutes ago that they are activated again. It is weird that you didn’t get the first one.

When was the first one sent out?
And thanks for quick reply :slight_smile:

OK. So apologies for my statement above, the first one was in the Spam, the second came into the inbox. Weird filters.

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No problem :slightly_smiling_face:

Sounds to me like the TenX app should prominently display the status of the card too rather than just sending emails, such as a prominent banner saying card disabled due to xyz appearing on the app home screen.

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