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15% less than market value

what are your last changes , for example ETH ?
In my last pays with the card change was about 15 % less than the average market.
1 ETH was 199 usd - same time in Binance for example 233 usd…

Hi Mariana!
So normally it should be around 2,25%. Could you check the transaction details and share the date, time and conversion rate?

yes sure

Jun 11, 2020 5:24:22pm GMT+0
Pay -76.80 N/A Total: -76.80 EUR
0.3846074727 ETH

So the conversion rate at that time was 1 ETH = 199 USD?

Streuth! Basic maths guys, basic maths…

76.80 EUR = 0.3846074727 ETH, so 1 ETH = 199.68 EUR (<— note the currency is Euros)
Using today’s EUR USD rate of 1 EUR = 1.13 USD, that means
1 ETH = 225.64 USD.

The original poster had not noticed the TenX rate is quoted in ETH against EUR instead of USD.

So all is well in the world of TenX exchange rates after all!


All good, sorry guys . Uff

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