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0.15% tokens claimed in the last three months. Clearly no more need to keep it open

We are committing to supporting the token claim as long as we can or until nobody wants to claim anymore.

In one year the total amount of claimed TENX rose by 1%. In the last three months by 0.15%. Ready to close the case?


Hi themk!
I think we will wait till the next bull market is on its peak again. We expect that then everyone who was involved in TenX took a look at their old tokens. Then should be the right time to discuss this. We are happy if everyone gets the chance.

You mean they’ll claim them when they are worth even less? Nah man, they moved on and so should you. Nice to see you again btw Gregor! Sadly not much has changed since you were off :grimacing:

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I mean if you just look at the tokens, yes :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m looking at attitude towards community.


Please explain your current problem, then we can discuss it.

My ‘current’ problem is just what I’ve been saying all along. This company is slowly moving from a community-driven startup to a clueless corporate-minded clusterf*ck (pardon my french). The fact that you’re moving away from chat proves this once again.

Yeah you can type out some nice words about how this is beneficial for the community but you and I both know this forum was dead from the start and will be dead again after a couple of weeks. Very convenient to not have to face disappointed community members every day. I know it seems like I am targeting this on you but it’s more directed to the team leaders itself.

We had a very good community up until Toby’s ego started to take over and disregard all the warning signs we as the “revo’s” gave him. Mike couldn’t handle our pessimism and just went rogue, Josh did agree with us and was fired shortly after, which is where you stepped in. If you sincerely think this is a logical step in a very community-driven startup then you’re not thinking straight. They wanted as less counteraction as possible, so all critical voices had to go. From which another step was added today.

Revo’s were a good initiative, but you guys didn’t have the right leadership to really do anything with the feedback. And my GOD you guys are slow. Still no decent date selection for transaction history (something I suggested more than a year ago), still weird bugs in every app release, no dark mode (shouldn’t take more than a week of work with multiple devs/designers in the team), constant changes that nobody asked for, while things people do ask for are postponed with explanation ‘we will focus on the other features first’.

PAY integration without any functionality just baffled me tbh. Back in 2017, the message was “don’t keep anything in the wallet that you’re not going to spend”, disencouraging using it as a private wallet. Now even that seems to have been thrown out of the window.

Incentive is key in having people using your product, and to be fair, I currently see none.

Anyway, I know you’ll be replying with the same replies again, making it look like I’m the asshole :wink: But maybe think for yourself once in a while outside of your corporate life, and you’ll probably agree with a thing or two.


It was never my intention to make you look like an “asshole”, but to tell you clearly what I think and to tell you where you are right and wrong in my opinion. I think that’s the most important thing for you, even if we have different opinions.
And now from top to bottom.

The problem is rather where we misunderstand each other what community-driven means. Not too long ago, community-driven would have meant just some improvements, very high focus on the tokens and pretty much copy what competitors are doing.

For me community-driven is something completely different. The opinion, suggestions and contributions of any kind from the community must be taken into account. But that doesn’t mean it should be the determining factor. Maybe I’ll take our system how we treat projects as an example, its called PACE.
Project Owner
Approver (Have to approve otherwise need adjustment)
Contributor (The opinion is incorporated into the project and the approver forms his opinion based on the persons)
Executor (Mostly the product team)
Where in your opinion is the Community?
The community should be at every point the contributor. You can’t let external or even internal people determine how the project is run or nothing changes because you get stuck at certain points. This does not mean that the opinion is unimportant. It is one of several that will eventually make the approver change everything.

I don’t know how Mike and especially Josh gave you insight into what the community has done internally and what influence it has had. Because these things are now in order in my opinion. Unlike back then, we have given priority to the PAY token so that this is finally moving forward. I have documented what is most important to the community and the most wanted things are more countries wanting a card and more features for our tokens. And as you saw, things are moving, even if there were other regulatory things we had to clarify first.

Regarding Josh, I have no idea how you could think that the situation was to blame or his attitude on the issue that led to his departure. It was definitely different things, but we’re not blaming former employees here.
Likewise, I don’t understand your statement about Toby, we changed several things on the token system, but that was the fault of the communications team for not explaining the reasons for the changes and not Toby. Feel free to explain more about that and I will try to answer your questions as best as possible. Mike isn’t active anymore in the community because of negativity, but because Josh and then my job was to talk to you. After a certain point there was no more feedback from you Revos but only frustration and blame, which I can understand. Mike got more and more tasks and with me in charge of the community and socials, he can concentrate on them.

I also don’t know why you blame the leadership team when the feedback didn’t come through. Again, the people who communicated with the community are to blame, including me.

Still no decent date selection for transaction history -> Sure, it would be nice to have that, but you were the only one who thinks that this matters (at least as far as I can remember). So should we focus on that? No, and this has nothing to do with you personally. I document when what is suggested and how often. Since you are no longer active, the suggestion didn’t even come up. That about contributor and PACE as explained above. Nevertheless, we are working on a redesign of the transaction history.
still weird bugs in every app release -> We improved a lot and beside one crucial bug that was at the end of 2019 there were no more major problems. Now bugs are patched in almost all cases after an update and everything works as it should.
Again, I’m happy to take your opinion, but the numbers speak otherwise now that we have clear documentation. Google and Apple hardly show any crash reports, our app ratings have increased from ~3.2 to 4.5 in the Google Store and depending on the country (with more than just 10 ratings) between 4.0 - 4.6 in the Apple store. If we had a lot of bugs that would bother people this would look different. In the last 4 months, we’ve added a lot of stuff and unfortunately, we can’t simulate all the thousands of mobile phone models in the world to find every bug, and yes, most of the time they were just displayed bugs.
no dark mode -> Even though several people have mentioned it on our platforms, and the feature will follow soon, my numbers are showing that the priority should not be very high.
constant changes that nobody asked for -> They would be what? I might be able to give you more information about this
PAY integration -> It does not have any additional features yet because we will release something as soon as it has the first features. It has been proven that this way things go faster and especially errors are detected earlier. If you have your conclusion from my comment in the Rocket chat, it was more my fault how I phrased it and the company still has the same opinion about it as before. Only what you want to spend should be in our wallet. Not your keys not your bitcoin/crypto.
Incentive -> I wouldn’t agree with that, but I think I don’t have to digress here, we won’t come to a common denominator for now. But also here are some things in work that should make it much better.

I hope my long answer gives you some insight into how I personally look at things.

That took some time to write :grin:


I know you don’t want me to look like an asshole, but I’m one of the only ones really giving a critical view here, since all the rest doesn’t even bother anymore. So that makes me look like an ass obviously :wink:

I don’t think we misunderstand what community-driven means. I mean changing the whitepaper (which a lot of us invested in at ICO and/or afterwards) significantly was a pretty big breach of trust. I know some things needed to be altered but other things were removed to benefit the company (like the promise of 0.5% of revenue, ETH rewards, …). This shows they only think about how it can benefit THEM and not the community. Also the payout to the shareholders etc. These were decisions made solely by the company and are very very bad for the community. For example, if I had 10k TENX tokens, and you decided to pay rewards in ETH, I would have now had 0.17 ETH rewards or roughly 36$. Instead I got 242 PAY, which is roughly 10$. And I’m not even taking into account the fact that you give yourself rewards as well :slight_smile:

I have the feeling things were more ‘in order’ regarding community feedback before, but that’s just my perception. Suggestions I made back then (like 2FA instantly validating instead of having to press ok) were implemented the week after. I do notice the smaller nuisances as I have a graphical background and am more UX focussed, but that doesn’t mean that should be disregarded ‘because it is only one person who notices it’. Most people won’t even bother bringing it up indeed, and just sight and go on with their lives. Thing is, you should aspire a ‘sigh’-less app. Which is where these small things come into play. Sure if you can use the card and see your transactions in app fine, people won’t give it a bad rating. But would they benefit from better UX? yes.

For example (very very minor thing) understanding screenshot from today, which is something I addressed already back in march/april last year in the revo group if I recall correctly. These things are super easy to fix and just look so so unprofessional (not something you’d want from an app that has money on it).

What I don’t get is that you don’t agree there should be incentive? How are you going to make people use your services in that case? Especially when you want to target crypto newbies, they’ll always be looking for the best bang for their buck. So either best rates, best fees, best cashback, …

Anyway I think the company will do fine but the tokens and community connected to it will die a slow death tbh. Hope I’m wrong of course. The fact is they don’t even need to be doing well, as they have a very significant honeypot they can keep dipping into to get them out of trouble. Be honest, do you think the project would have still existed with a 5 mln ICO? Are you guys already making a profit? I know that lots of good startups make losses every year, but they also got lots of investment rounds to fund that. With tenx it’s like they got the investment rounds all in 1 go so they can do some stuff for the next coming years. No pressure to please the investors and attract new ones. Look up revolut’s funding history and annual reports, that’s how it should have been. Difference is they put LOTS of money into their advertising and incentives, which creates a loss but also generates a ton of users. And that’s what investors want.

Anyways I’ll stop boring you now, I might pop up when there’s some news on the PAY token usecase which was promised almost a year ago now :slight_smile: I’m guessing I’ll be mildly disappointed, let’s prove me wrong!


Hey Thomas, I am following this thread so am curious about your answer to this again.

Actually I am also confused: you don’t think incentives are needed? the probably biggest driver besides a basic need?

Do you think we will see REAL use case (does not mean you can spend pay with the app, who will buy in future pay to spend it right after?) in 2020?

I hope the forum will be better for you as a manager, as you explained nothing is getting forgotten here so easy :smiley:

have a nice day

I can not follow, I want my Rewards in the app like pay token better eth token, and have the usecase for spending with the visa card. In the future so let tenx work for this. Or I am not understanding the Discussioun. Sorry

Paying out TENX rewards in PAY, gives PAY only one utility at this moment: selling PAY to collect your rewards.

When PAY will be like the other crypto (BTC ETH LTC) in the app, and it is planing, I can also buy with PAY?

I just need the privat key put it in tenx Reward address on Website and receive my Rewards in the tenx app in pay or better in eth in the future. That is wat I want, but if it is possible and… it is not on roadmap so it will be 2021

Oh, there are a few people for whom it is important, a few write to me personally, but also internally in the company we are not uncritical, which of course cannot be seen from the outside.

As for the changes to the token system, we’ve had many discussions, and I agree with you that not every decision was good for the community, but they were necessary for several reasons. Especially when it came to the reward payment, we had different opinions. Yes, if you convert it now, ETH is, of course, better, but one of our goals remains to implement PAY as much as possible and as much as it makes sense. You have to start somewhere. Also, not everyone in the community holds token, I just wanna mention it to see not the things black and white. The community is more than just token holders.

I definitely don’t want to take the work down from my previous colleague, but I think more than just forwarding the feedback from time to time was not there. To be honest I think your 2FA proposal was probably already in the works before. But with that I can’t be sure, removing an intermediate step with a little customization is not a complicated thing, good feedback tho.
With my statement, I did not mean at all to say that your proposals on UX are unimportant or not necessary. But we wanted to bring in the completely new design first, now you are free to criticize as much as you like and I’ll pass that on :slightly_smiling_face: .
As for your picture, I will forward it when you tell me which phone and version you are using. I think you were the only person who reported this, and since not every feedback got through, there was no follow up on that, which should not happen, I agree.

I think I expressed myself a little unfortunate about the incentive.
I disagree with “I currently see none.” and I agree that you need an incentive.
Incentive, as you said, is one of the most important things. What I meant to say is that I think we’re gonna have a different opinion on this. As I said before, there are some things in the works here that should make it much better. Some things will look like an imitation I guess, and some things should perhaps be even more surprising, but I cannot say anything yet, it is still in the early stages.

I can’t really say anything about the next section, maybe everything would have been different then, maybe not. But I think we are now on the right track, even if it took a while.

I hope we can prove you wrong! :grin:

@adam97070 I think i made it here more clear about the incentive. If I could tell you anything more specific about the use cases, I would. At the moment there are several things in planning and with almost all of them there will be discussions if it is possible to integrate PAY or if it will cause disadvantages for the end user

Hi Hienckes!

Please put your feedback and suggestions together in one thread in the feedback section and not in other threads that are not directly related. If you post your comments wildly, it’s hard to take your feedback and discuss it, thank you!

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In my opinion TenX moving away from the Token-System the last two years.

The Token-System was good (needed) at the start to collect the funding from (privat) people but now it isn’t something TenX will benefit from.

I think a big problem is that they can’t abandon the token-system cause they made promises when they sold them and Country’s like the US (SEC) will not tolerate a move like that…
I my opinion TenX walked the cheapest Token way possible! A reward in ETH will cost much -> a reward in TenX Pay cost nearly nothing (even after the very smart move paying rewards to themselves …sure regulations :smile:)!

Adding the Pay-Token to the App was the only thing in 2 years that generates a (minimum) value for the token.

The fee to collect the Pay-Token is for a lot of holders bigger then the reward itself!

You can’t find anything about the Tokens on the new Website (even after listing the token in the App last week) and TenX dumped a HUGH amount of Pay and TenX-Token last year…If you trust in the Token-System why should someone do a move like that? The price was around all-time-low …

Whats your opinion?
Please proof me wrong … :slight_smile:

So glad the community CEOs are back

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I can not find my fault, but you can delete my post if it is not cool. I am New in forum and I have understand for each thing I must creat a Overthing or Topic or like this when I will give Feedback is on the Feedback Chanel, my englisch is not very good I will have notice for the future.

Good to see that you are still around themk and samve :slightly_smiling_face: